Wednesday, June 30, 2010


RADIKALNA PROMJENA (eng. Radical Change) was an important DIY anarcho-hardcore-punk band, with some dub elements in their music, from Zagreb, Croatia.

One of the founders of the band and the vocalist/songwriter is Domagoj Šeks. He was son of the Vladimir Šeks, that was president of Croatian parliament and still is now very influential politician in Croatian government and 'the word on the street' is that Domagoj, his son, had a really big problem to live with the fact that he is his son, so perhaps that is the reason, why is this tape full of very honest & constructive rebellious attitude against government & society stupidity that (still) gets rapidly even worse every day. Domagoj Šeks tragically died in 2005 in India, because some local group of people, that didn't like him, put the poison in his tea. Some of other Radikalna Promjena members formed dub band called Radikal Dub Kolektiv.

Here is the download link for music:

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