Friday, December 2, 2011


It's been a long time since I posted anything new here. Perhaps because I was busy and at the same time, I didn't have anything that I wanted to share with you this way. Anyway - band Genereali (Eng. Generals) are cult 80's Zagreb (Croatia, (than Yugoslavia)) punk band. They are playing they own style of punk and it will be best to you, to decide 'how do they sound to you', because I know what do they like sound to me - but I will keep that personal. <3 Original line-up splited at the end of the 80's, when their singer become, what they call, a 'familly man', and rest 3 members continued to play two (or three?) more years, but eventually they splited up also, because that wasn't the same at all without singer. What is also interesting about their singer, that he is today 'Konzum voice' in their TV and radio commercials in Croatia. If you are living here in Croatia, you will eventually find that fact very funny. :D Anyway, in this download zip package are 10 songs collected from their demo's and ripped by Žikk (thanks!) - so download link is below and I hope that you'll enjoy their songs. Cheers!

Here is the download link:

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Krvavi Protokol (Eng. "Bloody Protocol") is raw punk band from Belgrade, Serbia, formed in year 1990, in year when every dream about Yugoslavia stopped to exist in most people minds, in year when nationalist intellectual elite of countries Serbia and Croatia (and others ex-Yugoslavian countries) massively took control of peoples minds, what leaded to that goddamn bloody war that will come in year 1991 to this Balkan area. So what can you expect from punks at that time? What I know - almost everything. Many people at that time decided to take a nationalist stand, but this band decided to make a stand 'Down all politicians' - song is originally (as all their other songs) on Serbian language named 'Dole svi političari' and drunken translations of that song to English language will go something like this:
Dole sistem, dole vlada! (Down the system, down the government!)
Neću da moj razum strada! (I don't wanna that my intellect die!)
Dole sistem, dole svi! (Down the system, down everyone!)
Svi debeli političari! (Every fat politicians!)
[Chorus start]
Dole svi, dole svi, debeli političari! x4 (Down everyone, down everyone, every goddamn fat politicians! x4)
[Chorus end]
Ja želim da živim kako hoću! (I want to live how I desire to)
Želim da mirno spavam noću! (I want to sleep peacefully at the night)
Neću da umrem tako mlad (I don't wanna die that young)
Da me ubije neki gad! (That some bastard kill me!)
[Chorus start]
Dole svi, dole svi, debeli političari! x4 (Down everyone, down everyone, every goddamn fat politicians! x4)
[Chorus end]
[Politically speech remixed started]
Ja mislim- Ja- Ja mislim- Ja mislim (I think- I- I think- I think)
I ja predlažem- I ja- Ja- Ja- Ja predlažem da glasanjem odlučimo (And I suggest- And I- I- I- I suggest that we decide by voting-)
[Politically speech interrupted by:]
Za svoju budućnost ću da se borim! (For my future I will fight!)
Neću da ćutim kad mogu da govorim! (I will not shut up - when I can speak!)
Neću da trunem ja pre vas! (I will not rot before you!)
Sve ću vas pobiti to je moj spas! (I will kill you all - that is my salvation!)
[Chorus start]
Dole svi, dole svi, debeli političari! x4 (Down everyone, down everyone, every goddamn fat politicians! x4)
[Chorus end]

If you ask me - that is one fuckin' great two-minute music bomb that describe very good the anger of that time that is still very actual at this time - if you ask me! And it is very interesting to me the fact that the word 'debeli' (Eng. 'Fat'), sounds very similar to curse word 'jebeni' (Eng. 'goddamn'/'fucking'/etc.) and the way that vocalist sings it - it almost sounds to me like he is singing 'debeli' & 'jebeni' at the same time, which I found very interesting. Anyway, on that Cass (and on this download) are also many other great songs! For example 'Zona X', 'Slepa Planeta' ('Blind Planet') or song 'Ludi naučnik' (Eng. "Crazy scientist") where are they singing about some hypothetical crazy scientist that got Nobel prize for Life Work because of some bomb that can kill all humanity very efficient and you know, when I heard that Barrack Obama got the Nobel Prize for peace while he was, formally speaking - 'leading' three wars at the time over the world, then I don't see why wouldn't some crazy scientist got Nobel Prize for new big suicidal bomb in the future. Song 'Rat' (Eng. 'War') is recorded live from some their concert and it started with dedication that goes (translated) like this:"This is song is for all people that went to fuckin' war" and then most of the recording is pretty much inaudible for my hearing, but I understand the parts when he said (translated):"...and people will disappear and you don't care, this insanity will continue...everywhere only death and sadness...this crap is not stopping" and from that lyrics and others songs, you can hear their anger that will be in 1994 transferred to another Belgrade band called Vox Populi, because band Krvavi Protokol stopped working and playing, because of to me unknown reasons, but I think that some of the members formed another band Vox Populi. Don't take that statement for granted, because I am not sure about last one. As far as I know - this Cass is only release from band Krvavi Protokol. Below is track list and download link. Cheers!

Track list:
01. Daj Mi Smrt (Give me death)
02. Predaja (Surrender)
03. Budi Svoj (Be Yourself)
04. Lažna Nada (False Hope)
05. Naša Je Murija (Our Police Is)
06. Ironija (Irony) [LIVE]
07. Rat (War) [LIVE]
08. Dole Svi Političari (Down All Politicians)
09. Ludi Naučnik (Crazy Scientist)
10. Slepa Planeta (Blind Planet)
11. Napokon Slobodan (Finally Free)
12. Smrtna Presuda (Death Sentence)
13. Zona X (Zone X)
14. Strah (Fear) [LIVE]

Here is the download link:

Monday, May 2, 2011


Haven't been here for a while... But who gives a shit. Anyway, today I am bringing you again some rare stuff that simply does not deserve to be rare - because it fucking rocks! Today we are talking about hc-punk band Anti-rost (or Antirost) from Pančevo, Serbia. Word 'rost' is actually on German language - it means - 'stainless', and auto-irony is that they are "anti" that - and maybe that is the reason why is this their second release packed in rusty metal, with rusty bicycle (or chainsaw? not sure...) chain. I wanna say thanks to my good friend Markan for forwarding pictures and for ripping this CD that he got, when he was on the floor dead-drunk on one gig in Subotica (Serbia), where was playin' Proces, Disrupt and Riistetyt (I think..). Anyway, as I heard from a couple of stories, members of this band are having a lot of troubles because of their 'intensive punk image' in their hometown Pančevo, because neo-nazis and similar bigotry people doesn't tolerate 'punkish looks' at all and there are many fascist boneheads in Serbia, so explicit nihilist punks like Anti-rost are having big problems with them there. That was, what I have heard, from talking with other people that are living in that area. I think that you know what am I talking about, so I don't see reason to explain further. Music. About music, you can get great album preview on their music video for title song 'Nikad neće biti bolje' ('It will never be better') on this link for video - . My impression of sound and all their concept, that they are some kind of combination of Exploited 'Troops of Tomorrow' phase, mixed with clear hardcore vocals, nihilistic emptiness on snare drum, and lunatic wah-wah solos. Lyrics are very angry, nihilistic and rebellious filled '77 spirit. I think that titles of songs say's a lot about them. Track list and title translations, and inside download link booklet and other stuff are below as usual. Now I need to get some short sleep because I need to get on my feet for about couple of hours... Fuckin' insomnia...

Track list:
01. - Žrtve sistema (System victims)
02. - Industrijska zona smrti (Industrial zone of death)
03. - Sam svoj podstanar (I am my own subtentant)
04. - Pančevo je mrtav grad (Pančevo is dead city)
05. - Anti power control
06. - Nikad neće biti bolje (It will never be better)
07. - Tučeš ženu, jebeni kretenu (You are beating you wife, you fuckin' moron)
08. - Elita osakaćenog grada (Elite of crippled city)
09. - You fucking system machine

Here is the download link:

Saturday, March 12, 2011


First, I am not gonna say sorry for not posting anything in almost 2 months - because I was really busy with my jobs, bands and with rioting on streets, so if you can't understand that - go fuck yourself you ignorant fuck. Enough with that - today I am bringing you something very rare and I would like to say thanks to friend called Darijan from Tuzla (BiH) that I met at S.A.W.A festival in Županja last year - thank you for forwarding me this great music! Band is called Punkart and they are from city called Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They started playing when punk & rock scene in Tuzla was practically dead and forgotten at the same time. When everything was still deep in ashes of goddamn ex-yugoslavian war. Sound on this their first home made demo (that I am bringing you today) is so fuckin' raw but yet kinda melodic - and all that is mixed with very frustrated and angry vocals from their singer Haris. Imagine 'gray' anger that is trying to make a sparkle kicking rock to another rock, while trying to light the fire of living in city that is practically dead - that is how can I describe their music and often auto-ironical lyrics on this first release of them. Band had a couple of break-ups but it is still playing in slightly different line-up, but I am sure that Haris, their frontman, is in band from beginning (and probably to their end). Today they got soften and I don't know... Yeah, today they are good, but this release IS SO FUCKING GREAT!! - That is the difference. I booked them a gig in a Zagreb, a couple of weeks ago, they were good live, but somehow I missed this anger from their first release. Personally, I like the most, their song called "Let" (Eng. "Flying"), were lyrics are saying this. Yes, I will translate them to drunken English language. :) Here they are:

Stojim na vratima i svega se bojim (I am standing on door, scared of everything)
Nikako ne mogu shvatit zašto zvijezde brojim (By no means I can't get it - why am I counting stars)
Da nisam poludio ja znam (I am not insane - I know!)
A šta drugi o meni misle ja ne znam (What are other thinking - I don't know)

Nisam mogo, da se sjetim (I couldn't remember)
Zašto želim, da poletim (Why do I want to fly)
Zašto želim, krila (Why do I want wings)
Zašto mi govore - gle debila! (Why are they saying to me:"Look that moron!")

Nisam htio da priznam (I didn't want to admit)
Da sam mnogo bolestan (That I am very sick)
Za njih nisam htio ćut (For them I didn't want to hear)
Ja sam Ja sam Ja sam lud... (I am, I am, I am insane...)

Nisam mogo, da se sjetim (I couldn't remember)
Zašto želim, da poletim (Why do I want to fly)
Zašto želim, krila (Why do I want wings)
Zašto mi govore - gle debila! (Why are they saying to me:"Look that moron!")

Because I like this song so fucking much I also made a video on YouTube for that song with pictures from Punkart - check out link: . Anyway recordings have a couple of noises on the beginning and ending of songs from ripping them - probably CD was damaged, but fuck that glitches - inside are great music, so be sure to check it out! Download link is below, as usual - and also two songs from other their demo tape from that year are included. Cheers!

Here is the download link:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alarm - Stay with punk (2011.)

Alarm is a very young 3-piece punk band from Pazin, Croatia, that was active from March 2010. Their members are only 13, 14 and 15 years old - and they rock! Songs have great attitude, energy and they are playing very good! On this their first (and for now only) demo album, that is recorded by themselves in their rehearsal room are 10 songs and recording quality is solid. I, personally like the most, their line from their song 'Ludnica'(Eng. 'Mental Hospital'), where are they singing (translated):"This is mental hospital, no, this is Croatia". This line says it all about Croatia, I would agree. :D Themes of their songs are from society to thoughts in head, filled with youth enthusiasm and everything that comes with it. I am sure that if they continue to be themselves, that in future, they can only be even better than now - and now they are great! So, be sure to check them out. Download link and track-list is as usual, below. Cheers!

Track list:
01. - Heroin
02. - Beznadna ulica (Hopeless street)
03. - Nepogriješiv (Infallible)
04. - Pazin grade (Pazin town)
05. - Početnička sreća (Beginners luck)
06. - Sam, ali ipak svoj (Alone, but yet myself)
07. - The Sky
08. - Baš me briga (I don't care)
09. - Ludnica (Mental Hospital)
10. - Ti nisi tu (You are not here)

Here is the download link:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay. Rich Kids On LSD was a highly melodic hardcore punk band that was born in Montecito, California, the suburb of Santa Barbara in 1982. If you want to know more - than this time go read fucking Wikipedia on this link , because I can't wait to tell you about this recordings! THEY ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!! Thank you Koca for ripping this tracks! What is so special about this songs, besides that they are PURE AWESOMENESS? Well, this songs are never officially released, probably because of the death of their singer Jason Sears, because of pulmonary thrombosis unrelated to the treatment (read more here), short time after this recordings, so that means that this stuff is really rare, and for fuck sake, if you like it, feel free to share it, I mean, we are all punks, not fucking SONY BGM, that I personally hate, because of copyright bullshits on YouTube and similar internet services. This music really needs to be heard, because - I need to say this again - this is fucking awesome! Songs are so fluid, but yet unpredictable, sound and production is at the highest, this sounds so strong, this sound so youthful, so melodic, that I would like to grab my skateboard this moment and go outside skate and be wild (yeah, just like that, why not?), and now, while I am writing all this is 3:28 AM. Hmmmm... Until I escape to outside world - download link is below, so that you can also try this madness of music, if you wish. This is not calling 'nardcore' for nothing, if you know on what I mean. ;-) Cheers!

Here is the download link:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oi! Front - New Breed's On The Move (2010.)

Oi! Front is an Oi! band, formed in Zagreb, Croatia in January 2008. Most simply, I can describe their style as - pure Oi! music for youth unity and against politics and all other bad shits. They are raw, hard, but not macho - imagine pure and REAL skinhead youth energy mixed with simplistic and catchy tunes. This is they debut album - and if you like Oi! music, I strongly recommend it! Wanna tell me more about them? Okay. They have played a dozen of gigs in Croatia, and recently they had played even in Germany - where they got signed with Bandworm records (where are also Perkele and other bands), so I think that that, also says that they are great. Anyway, I personally really like their music, but as I always say, make your own opinion. ;) If you would like to buy their original release, you can do that on this link Until than, download link is below as usual. Cheers!

Here is the download link:

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