Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BRAT PACK - Demotape (2006.)

Okay, today I am bringing to you a demo tape from band Brat Pack. I wrote about them in post before this, so I am not gonna repeat myself. I am just gonna say that on this demo tape are also 2 songs that are included on 'Hate the neighbors' album, but other songs are not. So - if you like their album, I recommend you that you also download this demo recordings of them. Quality of recordings is very good.

Here is the track list:
1.) Spending money
2.) Brat Pack
3.) See if we care
4.) In control
5.) Pay up
6.) Cleanse the bacteria

Here is the download link:


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brat Pack - Hate the Neighbours (2008.)

Brat Pack is a punk rock band from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Influenced by RKL, early NOFX, Adolescents and DI, they teamed up early 2006, for pure Westcoast hardcore punk worship. After gaining a steady line-up and a few months of practice, they recorded their first demo with Nico van Montfort. Angry Youth Records released it on tape, cd-version was done by themselves. They are full of speed & energy on stage and on their recordings. Their singer is also singing in band Citizen Patrol, but about that band I will write in some later posts. If you are near Pula (Croatia), on August 7th 2010 - I am strongly recommending you to go to the Monteparadiso festival, and to see there their live show (Citizen Patrol is also that day on festival), because I saw them two years ago in KSET, in Zagreb (Croatia) and they had REALLY awesome gig that night! Enough with my babbling - today I am bringing you their full length album called - 'Hate the neighbours'.

Here is the download link:


Thursday, July 15, 2010

BLITZKRIEG (ZAGREB) - DEMO 1 & 2 plus LIVE (1984.)

Blitzkrieg is the name also from one punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia (Ex. Yugoslavia) that was active from 1984. to the end of 8os. The band was formed when first version of Zagreb hardcore punk band called Sköl (the one with girl on vocals) split-up and when one of the members from band Solidarnost (see post bellow) came to college in Zagreb. I couldn't find on internet any more similar picture for this band, so I put this one. Anyway, today I am bringing to you all recordings that (I think) they have ever recorded. This band is playing pure punk rock in kind of '77 style, with great vocals, and very raw guitar. The lyrics are about the apathy of 1980s and all the other things connected with that. If you have any more songs from this band, or any other new information, feel free to contact me via shout box or via comments, so that I can update the facts about this band.

Here is the download link:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

SOLIDARNOST - DEMO '82. (1982.)

SOLIDARNOST was raw hardcore punk band from Knin, Croatia (Ex. Yugoslavia) that was active in 1980s. No, this picture is not from their release, I put it here because I can't find on internet more similar picture for that band. Anyway, as I said, this band is full of raw hardcore energy, with very desperate view on this world in its lyrics. This band is definitely underestimated for it's time, because, if you ask me, they sound awesome. But, hear by yourself, if you wish, and make your own experience of this music - if you wish that, of course. xD Band split-ed somewhere in mid-80s, because one member went to live in Zagreb (Croatia) and than he made there new band, called, Blitzkrieg, but, I will write more about Blitzkrieg from Zagreb, in some later posts.

Here is the download link for music:

Monday, July 5, 2010


PASMATERS is hardcore punk band from Pula, Croatia, that started to play in 1984. and with some short & long pauses is still playing now. They style is full of raw 80's hardcore energy, mixed with very rebellious attitude. This is they 3rd album called - Unload Your Pain, that they released via Monteparadiso netlabel and it is free to share with this creative commons conditions - click here for them.

Here is the download link:
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