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Krvavi Protokol (Eng. "Bloody Protocol") is raw punk band from Belgrade, Serbia, formed in year 1990, in year when every dream about Yugoslavia stopped to exist in most people minds, in year when nationalist intellectual elite of countries Serbia and Croatia (and others ex-Yugoslavian countries) massively took control of peoples minds, what leaded to that goddamn bloody war that will come in year 1991 to this Balkan area. So what can you expect from punks at that time? What I know - almost everything. Many people at that time decided to take a nationalist stand, but this band decided to make a stand 'Down all politicians' - song is originally (as all their other songs) on Serbian language named 'Dole svi političari' and drunken translations of that song to English language will go something like this:
Dole sistem, dole vlada! (Down the system, down the government!)
Neću da moj razum strada! (I don't wanna that my intellect die!)
Dole sistem, dole svi! (Down the system, down everyone!)
Svi debeli političari! (Every fat politicians!)
[Chorus start]
Dole svi, dole svi, debeli političari! x4 (Down everyone, down everyone, every goddamn fat politicians! x4)
[Chorus end]
Ja želim da živim kako hoću! (I want to live how I desire to)
Želim da mirno spavam noću! (I want to sleep peacefully at the night)
Neću da umrem tako mlad (I don't wanna die that young)
Da me ubije neki gad! (That some bastard kill me!)
[Chorus start]
Dole svi, dole svi, debeli političari! x4 (Down everyone, down everyone, every goddamn fat politicians! x4)
[Chorus end]
[Politically speech remixed started]
Ja mislim- Ja- Ja mislim- Ja mislim (I think- I- I think- I think)
I ja predlažem- I ja- Ja- Ja- Ja predlažem da glasanjem odlučimo (And I suggest- And I- I- I- I suggest that we decide by voting-)
[Politically speech interrupted by:]
Za svoju budućnost ću da se borim! (For my future I will fight!)
Neću da ćutim kad mogu da govorim! (I will not shut up - when I can speak!)
Neću da trunem ja pre vas! (I will not rot before you!)
Sve ću vas pobiti to je moj spas! (I will kill you all - that is my salvation!)
[Chorus start]
Dole svi, dole svi, debeli političari! x4 (Down everyone, down everyone, every goddamn fat politicians! x4)
[Chorus end]

If you ask me - that is one fuckin' great two-minute music bomb that describe very good the anger of that time that is still very actual at this time - if you ask me! And it is very interesting to me the fact that the word 'debeli' (Eng. 'Fat'), sounds very similar to curse word 'jebeni' (Eng. 'goddamn'/'fucking'/etc.) and the way that vocalist sings it - it almost sounds to me like he is singing 'debeli' & 'jebeni' at the same time, which I found very interesting. Anyway, on that Cass (and on this download) are also many other great songs! For example 'Zona X', 'Slepa Planeta' ('Blind Planet') or song 'Ludi naučnik' (Eng. "Crazy scientist") where are they singing about some hypothetical crazy scientist that got Nobel prize for Life Work because of some bomb that can kill all humanity very efficient and you know, when I heard that Barrack Obama got the Nobel Prize for peace while he was, formally speaking - 'leading' three wars at the time over the world, then I don't see why wouldn't some crazy scientist got Nobel Prize for new big suicidal bomb in the future. Song 'Rat' (Eng. 'War') is recorded live from some their concert and it started with dedication that goes (translated) like this:"This is song is for all people that went to fuckin' war" and then most of the recording is pretty much inaudible for my hearing, but I understand the parts when he said (translated):"...and people will disappear and you don't care, this insanity will continue...everywhere only death and sadness...this crap is not stopping" and from that lyrics and others songs, you can hear their anger that will be in 1994 transferred to another Belgrade band called Vox Populi, because band Krvavi Protokol stopped working and playing, because of to me unknown reasons, but I think that some of the members formed another band Vox Populi. Don't take that statement for granted, because I am not sure about last one. As far as I know - this Cass is only release from band Krvavi Protokol. Below is track list and download link. Cheers!

Track list:
01. Daj Mi Smrt (Give me death)
02. Predaja (Surrender)
03. Budi Svoj (Be Yourself)
04. Lažna Nada (False Hope)
05. Naša Je Murija (Our Police Is)
06. Ironija (Irony) [LIVE]
07. Rat (War) [LIVE]
08. Dole Svi Političari (Down All Politicians)
09. Ludi Naučnik (Crazy Scientist)
10. Slepa Planeta (Blind Planet)
11. Napokon Slobodan (Finally Free)
12. Smrtna Presuda (Death Sentence)
13. Zona X (Zone X)
14. Strah (Fear) [LIVE]

Here is the download link:
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