Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alarm - Stay with punk (2011.)

Alarm is a very young 3-piece punk band from Pazin, Croatia, that was active from March 2010. Their members are only 13, 14 and 15 years old - and they rock! Songs have great attitude, energy and they are playing very good! On this their first (and for now only) demo album, that is recorded by themselves in their rehearsal room are 10 songs and recording quality is solid. I, personally like the most, their line from their song 'Ludnica'(Eng. 'Mental Hospital'), where are they singing (translated):"This is mental hospital, no, this is Croatia". This line says it all about Croatia, I would agree. :D Themes of their songs are from society to thoughts in head, filled with youth enthusiasm and everything that comes with it. I am sure that if they continue to be themselves, that in future, they can only be even better than now - and now they are great! So, be sure to check them out. Download link and track-list is as usual, below. Cheers!

Track list:
01. - Heroin
02. - Beznadna ulica (Hopeless street)
03. - Nepogriješiv (Infallible)
04. - Pazin grade (Pazin town)
05. - Početnička sreća (Beginners luck)
06. - Sam, ali ipak svoj (Alone, but yet myself)
07. - The Sky
08. - Baš me briga (I don't care)
09. - Ludnica (Mental Hospital)
10. - Ti nisi tu (You are not here)

Here is the download link:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay. Rich Kids On LSD was a highly melodic hardcore punk band that was born in Montecito, California, the suburb of Santa Barbara in 1982. If you want to know more - than this time go read fucking Wikipedia on this link , because I can't wait to tell you about this recordings! THEY ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!! Thank you Koca for ripping this tracks! What is so special about this songs, besides that they are PURE AWESOMENESS? Well, this songs are never officially released, probably because of the death of their singer Jason Sears, because of pulmonary thrombosis unrelated to the treatment (read more here), short time after this recordings, so that means that this stuff is really rare, and for fuck sake, if you like it, feel free to share it, I mean, we are all punks, not fucking SONY BGM, that I personally hate, because of copyright bullshits on YouTube and similar internet services. This music really needs to be heard, because - I need to say this again - this is fucking awesome! Songs are so fluid, but yet unpredictable, sound and production is at the highest, this sounds so strong, this sound so youthful, so melodic, that I would like to grab my skateboard this moment and go outside skate and be wild (yeah, just like that, why not?), and now, while I am writing all this is 3:28 AM. Hmmmm... Until I escape to outside world - download link is below, so that you can also try this madness of music, if you wish. This is not calling 'nardcore' for nothing, if you know on what I mean. ;-) Cheers!

Here is the download link:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oi! Front - New Breed's On The Move (2010.)

Oi! Front is an Oi! band, formed in Zagreb, Croatia in January 2008. Most simply, I can describe their style as - pure Oi! music for youth unity and against politics and all other bad shits. They are raw, hard, but not macho - imagine pure and REAL skinhead youth energy mixed with simplistic and catchy tunes. This is they debut album - and if you like Oi! music, I strongly recommend it! Wanna tell me more about them? Okay. They have played a dozen of gigs in Croatia, and recently they had played even in Germany - where they got signed with Bandworm records (where are also Perkele and other bands), so I think that that, also says that they are great. Anyway, I personally really like their music, but as I always say, make your own opinion. ;) If you would like to buy their original release, you can do that on this link Until than, download link is below as usual. Cheers!

Here is the download link:

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