Wednesday, March 28, 2012

KAOS - DEMO COLLECTION (1979.-1984.)

KAOS (Eng. "Chaos")was a Croatian Punk/New Wave band established in 1979 and a part of the Rijeka music scene in Croatia (Hrvatska, at that time a part of a former Yugoslavia). Band members were Neven Braut (guitar), Robert Zambata (bas), Tea Josipovic (vocal), Andrej Urem (drums), Emil Zauhar (keyboard), Igor Glumac (keyboard), Zvonimir Pliskovac (artwork). They claim their influences in bands like The Clash, Ramones, PIL, Nina Hagen, Siouxie and the Banches, Talking Heads and etc. KAOS toured in Zagreb, Rijeka, Ljubljana, Beograd etc. Despite of their popularity at the time, the band did not release an official album until 2010. where are the 14 tracks present on the album 'KAOS 1979-1984'. On it are all original recordings from that period. What I am bringing you today are 14 songs from them that period of time, that I managed to collect over the internet, since I didn't get that remastered CD, so experience how that originaly sounded on recorded tapes. What you can hear on it is some unique punk and post punk music mixed with Tea's '77 female psychotic vocals that I personally adore so much! As I heard, band split-up, because Tea got married and moved to Danmark country. And that is very far away from Croatia. This stuff is very rare today but it definitely it shouldn't be! Love this bend, so fucking much - from psychodelic moments to punk as fuck moments! Lyrics are also so fucking great, like in song Nova Bolest ("New disease") where she is singing in Croatian:"Bole me noge od hodanja po žici ('My legs are hurting me because walking on wires'), bole me oči od gledanja u prazno ('my eyes are hurting me because watching emptyness')" - very punk poetic stuff if you ask me. Anyway here is the back side of the album, and download link below picture. Enjoy!

I also love their logo so much - so fucking simple, but looks so fucking good!

Here is the download link:
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