Monday, May 2, 2011


Haven't been here for a while... But who gives a shit. Anyway, today I am bringing you again some rare stuff that simply does not deserve to be rare - because it fucking rocks! Today we are talking about hc-punk band Anti-rost (or Antirost) from Pančevo, Serbia. Word 'rost' is actually on German language - it means - 'stainless', and auto-irony is that they are "anti" that - and maybe that is the reason why is this their second release packed in rusty metal, with rusty bicycle (or chainsaw? not sure...) chain. I wanna say thanks to my good friend Markan for forwarding pictures and for ripping this CD that he got, when he was on the floor dead-drunk on one gig in Subotica (Serbia), where was playin' Proces, Disrupt and Riistetyt (I think..). Anyway, as I heard from a couple of stories, members of this band are having a lot of troubles because of their 'intensive punk image' in their hometown Pančevo, because neo-nazis and similar bigotry people doesn't tolerate 'punkish looks' at all and there are many fascist boneheads in Serbia, so explicit nihilist punks like Anti-rost are having big problems with them there. That was, what I have heard, from talking with other people that are living in that area. I think that you know what am I talking about, so I don't see reason to explain further. Music. About music, you can get great album preview on their music video for title song 'Nikad neće biti bolje' ('It will never be better') on this link for video - . My impression of sound and all their concept, that they are some kind of combination of Exploited 'Troops of Tomorrow' phase, mixed with clear hardcore vocals, nihilistic emptiness on snare drum, and lunatic wah-wah solos. Lyrics are very angry, nihilistic and rebellious filled '77 spirit. I think that titles of songs say's a lot about them. Track list and title translations, and inside download link booklet and other stuff are below as usual. Now I need to get some short sleep because I need to get on my feet for about couple of hours... Fuckin' insomnia...

Track list:
01. - Žrtve sistema (System victims)
02. - Industrijska zona smrti (Industrial zone of death)
03. - Sam svoj podstanar (I am my own subtentant)
04. - Pančevo je mrtav grad (Pančevo is dead city)
05. - Anti power control
06. - Nikad neće biti bolje (It will never be better)
07. - Tučeš ženu, jebeni kretenu (You are beating you wife, you fuckin' moron)
08. - Elita osakaćenog grada (Elite of crippled city)
09. - You fucking system machine

Here is the download link:
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