Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Gužva u Bajt (on English: 'Crowded into a Byte') or just - G.U.B. - is a street-punk band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, that is active from 2004. They are none political band that follows drunk-punk ideals and represents alternative to rich pussy punk bands and political activists. They are trying to represent their own view of the world, that is everything, but following political ideals. Their goal in performing is not to change society, but to enjoy life and things they love to do.

This is they album called 'Nikad pankera od nas' or in English: 'Never punks from us' . The album name is, of course, auto-ironic. Do I really need to say that? I think that yes - I needed to say that.

Band Myspace:

Download link for album:

(Lyrics are also included - please use Google translator or other similar tools to translate them to language that you understand.)
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Monday, May 17, 2010


Proces was a hardcore punk band from Subotica, Serbia (ex. Yugoslavia). They were active in 1980s, but I heard that today they are playing again. In this package are (at least I think) all songs that they have ever released. Their sound is very raw and lyrics are very nihilistic. If you want to find out more about the Subotica hardcore punk scene at that time - check this documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhoq9R6f_Ig . One thing - you have to understand a Serbian language, to understand what are they saying in that documentary, because there are no English subtitles.

Anyway - here is a download link for music:


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Chronic Sick were Bobby The "K" (music, lyrics, lead guitar, backing vocals), Greg Gory (Vocals), Arnie Barrs (bass, backing vocals) and Joe Albano (drums). Formed in 1981 in New Jersey, this Hardcore Punk band had two releases on Mutha Records : "Cutest Band In Hardcore" 12" (Mutha 002), and a self-titled 7" EP (Mutha 008) between 1982 - 83'. Read this funny review that I found on blog cantstandthe80s.blogspot.com :

Last and definitely least The Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P. by Chronic Sick. This is the worst. The worst words. These kids should get beat up. If they want to be shocking why don't they kill themselves on stage. I think that's better than writing racist and sexist songs that will make people want to kill them anyway. We appreciate a colorful crowd so if they know what's good for them they won't play New York again.
-Javi Savage, from Big City zine #4, May/June 1983

My comment on that review is - BULLSHIT REVIEW. Why? Because their songs are not racist or sexist - actually they are making fun of all that in their songs, as I can hear by listening their music. And their music is very great if you ask me and they stage look is in same way provocative as it was the Sex Pistols look, as I can see that on some band-on-stage pictures, but that Javi Savage review, doesn't shock me, because I understand that on this planet were and still are some people, that really can't figure out PUNK MUSIC & MOVEMENT, because they try to look at it trough some rough definitions and not by some feeling........... Anyway, enough with my opinions, here is download link and figure out by yourself is good or bad this band to you - if you wish of course ;) Cheers!

Download link:


Problemi was a punk rock band from Pula, Croatia (ex. Yugoslavia), that was active from the end of 1970’s to the beginning of 1980’s. They have recorded one demo and two songs for RTVLJ compilation “Novi Punk Val”. Their style of playing is pure nihilistic old school punk, that is great reflection of that time. They are also singing on Croatian language, but if you are in true love with punk '77, then you will love this recordings, no matter what languages you understand & speak.

Download link:

GROBUT - DEMO (2005.)

Grobut is great hardcore punk/power violence band from Požega, Croatia, that is not active anymore. Their name is actually word "Tuborg" in the reverse :) This Demo is from their release for DIY Progressive Attack Records.

Demo contains six songs:
1. Prokletstvo
2. Kaos
3. Crni Pijac
4. Grobut
5. Anđeo smrti
6. Nuklearno uništenje (Anti Talents cover)

Download link:

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Pankerfaust is a punk band from Zagreb, Croatia, that started in early 2005.
Early influences were Fakofbolan, Turbonegro and alcohol.
In 2007 they finally completed the recording of the infamous “Zlo Nevidjeno” album, that remains officially unpublished.


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