Thursday, August 26, 2010


Crveni Šlic (eng. Red Zipper) is awesome hardcore punk band that crawled out from Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina. They music is first of all - painfully honest interpretation of life in Bihać and it also comes often with very satiric lyrics about some dark thoughts in their heads and also about idiots and passive people around them. Vocals (Meho) sound something like mix of Hogar (Motus Vita Est) attitude, with Satan Panonski (Pogreb X) color of voice. Their album "Ogledalo Besmisla" ("Mirror of nonsense") is their first 'official' recording, if we don't count some live bootlegs. Anyway, I recommend you to download this album and to hear by yourself, if you wish that, of course. ;) Track list & download link is bellow.

Track list:
01. - San
02. - Palestina
03. - Britney Spears
04. - Oda Panku
05. - Sam
06. - Adamantine
07. - Iskompleksirani Krkani
08. - Pepsi Hardcore
09. - JTM!
10. - Bihać

Here is the download link:


Thursday, August 12, 2010

SKÖL - UZMI I REŽI (EP) (1991.)

This the last release of high energy punk band Sköl from Zagreb (Croatia), that was released in 1991. for "Slušaj Najglasnije" ("Listen Loudest") underground label. "Uzmi i reži" ("Take and cut") is awesome sequel of "Čista perverzija" ("Pure perversion") record, released in 1990., with four awesome hardcore punk songs, including great song called "Kuća Gori" ("House is burning"), with repetitive lyrics, that are saying, translated in English:"House - is burning - House - there is no one - to extinguish it!" I used to listen this song on repeat for all night long, hahahhaah. Anyway, here is the track list and, of course, download link.

Track list:
01. - Daj, Daj
02. - Krik
03. - Kuća Gori
04. - Oni Odlaze

Here is the download link:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I wrote some general information about pure energy punk band Sköl, from Zagreb(Croatia), in post before this, so I am not gonna repeat myself. This is their debut album that was published in famous underground label called "Slušaj najglasnije"(or "Listen loudest" in English) in January 1990. In this phase band sound at the moments experimental and little weird, but on second listening you will (I assume) hear that this is pure & honest hardcore punk with lot of energy & lucidity inside. To me, most awesome their song is called "Lica" ("Faces"). On this album is already male vocalist, with very strong but not macho vocal. Enough - download link is bellow.

Track list:
A1. - Noć
A2. - Čovjek
A3. - Ona
A4. - Jurica
A5. - Kako bih
A6. - Ravno se drži
B1. - Stvarnost
B2. - Lica
B3. - On
B4. - Heroji
B5. - Svjetlost
B6. - Zagreb

Here is the download link:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SKÖL - Live at Ljubljana 25-05-1984 (1984.)

Sköl was a high energy punk band from Zagreb, Croatia (ex yu), that was formed in (I think) 1983. Word "sköl" in Danish/Norwegian/Swedish language means:"cheers". In their first phase, they were female fronted, but in 1985. because of some reasons that I personally don't know, she and (I think) bass player left the band, and then one guy from Blitzkrieg (Zagreb) come to play bass in the band, and then guitarist from Sköl, started aslo to sing in Sköl. Aaaargh. Maybe this facts are not completely accurate, so if you do know CORRECT facts, please let me know that(via comments or somehow), so that I can update this post, because this is what I did found out about this band from people that weren't sure about that facts. Anyway - in first phase - band sounded very raw with very nihilistic vocals. So, today - I am bringing to you that phase of the band, the only recording of that phase when they were female fronted. This is live recording from Ljubljana (Slovenija), recorded in May 25th, 1984. In two next posts, I am gonna upload other two recordings that band Sköl have ever recorded.

Track list:
01. - Intro
02. - Direktori
03. - Sama sam
04. - Alkohol
05. - Malograđanština
06. - Laj
07. - (unknown title)
08. - Treći čovek

Here is the download link:

Monday, August 9, 2010


Deadline is a female fronted Punk Rock band from London, England, formed in 2000. Members consisting of Liz (vocals), Hervé (bass), Ryan (guitar), Pascal (drums) and Doudou(guitar). For this band is characteristic incredibly beautiful voice of their singer Liz, mixed with very good punk-rock riffs. Anyway, their songs are mostly about hanging out and about love and of course about everything that comes with love. If you want to express your love & relationship feelings in street punk rock way - I think that this album is very great for that. Today, I am bringing to you one of their seven albums, called 'Back for more' that contains 12 very great punk rock songs.

01-Back For More
02-Time Rain Out
03-Last Night
04-Get Away
05-The Way We Were
07-Going Nowhere
08-Easy Life
09-On The Road
10-What You Think
11-Round The Bend
12-One More Way

Here is the download link:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

NOT ON TOUR - NOT ON TOUR (2009.) (low-fi)

Not on tour is four piece female fronted poppy hardcore punk from the center of Israel. They’ve been playing music for over 10 years, going to shows and making shows of thier sefls.
also playing and played in: Expect Nothing, The Backliners, Mess, Phony Pony, Hikokiri, Hanirim, Shenkin Punx. They released thier first album on diner junkie records. “16 punk rock songs that will remind you why you got into this stuff in the first place!”
Listen to the entire album in HI-FI for free
and order a copy (if you want) at . Or you can just download all songs in low fidelity at this link. Choice is yours.

Here is the download link:
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