Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rolling Suicide - Loosing Yourself (2006.)

Rolling Suicide was hardcore metal/punk band with elements of nu-metal, that was active from 2004, 'until (their) dawn' in 2008. Band was formed by 4 young teenagers when they were only about 14 years old, and at first, they were playing covers from Black Sabbath, Blink 182, etc., and later, because of their big interest in metal music, they started to play some their combination of everything that they liked, that can be described something as - music is combination of early NYHC, than Black Sabbath, Korn and skate punk, with dark poet lyrics and very clear vocals by their front-man Kova. If you consider that they were only about 16 years old when they recorded this demo, you'll hear that their playing is like they were playing for very longer time, than 2 years, as they were playing back than. The band after they released this demo in November 2006., had a couple of gig's in Zagreb and one in Osijek (Croatia), under the name Hidden Theory and later, after that, they kicked Dragec from the band in early 2008., because he was too messy to continue to work with band at that time, and instead of Suma (their former rhythm guitarist) that also went out at that time) and Dragec -came Karuro and Daroo from Abergaz (to play also in that band), and then on vocals came Darko Latinović - Darac, and than they were playing in shortly-lived band, under the name 'Until the dawn' and recorded single, again in ZG-Zvuk studio in Zagreb, that was called Betrayed, and that is still availble to listen here - http://www.myspace.com/untilthedawn - but after all that, Karuro and Daroo left the band, and everything went 'to dawn' with that project and that story is on hiatus since 2009. What I am bringing you today, is their only release, that they had released ever and under the name Rolling Suicide. Interesting thing about this CD, beside that, that I found it again after many years, this night accidentally on my shelf, while I was searching for some old cartoons on VHS, to heal my insomnia (nevermind...) - is that on this CD, I had to 'roll down' the DIY sticker on it, so that can my DVD-reader on my PC can actually - roll and read this CD, because how sticker is now old and warped - it was getting stuck in DVD-reader, when it tried to roll it. Of course that I got everything photographed with my mobile phone and that pictures are inside download package, together with songs and everything else. :) Anyway, when they recorded this demo in ZG-Zvuk (Zagreb), they were in this, original, line-up:

Marko Kovačević (Kova) -Lead Guitar & Vocals
Marko Sumrak (Soom) -Rhythm Guitar
Danijel Antolović (Danchy) - Bass Guitar
Mario Dragičević (Dragec) - Drums

Yeah, one more thing. On CD cover is accidentally (I think) misspelled word 'Loosing' - just to notice that. Download link, and track list, as usual - is below. This stuff is very rare, so feel free to 'spread the word', if you like it. Cheers and beers!!

Track list:
1. - Loosing Myself
2. - Dis-function In Function (D.I.F.)
3. - Heroine (It is not about drugs, it's about female-hero)
4. - Where am I
5. - Bullets

Here is the download link:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

LJENA ĐUBRAD - S/T (2005.)

Ljena Đubrad (Eng. - Lazy Mucks) is punk rock band from Požega, Croatia, that Mata gather up in 2004. (i think) after his first band called Anti-Talents ceased to act. This band is mix of minimalistic punk-rock melodies, youth vocals and direct straight-forward lyrics. To me, their most interesting song lyrics are from their song called "Čovijek"(Eng. - "Human"). Even at this song music kinda sucks, at least to me, lyrics are pretty interesting. This is the rough translation to English language of that lyrics:

What does mean to be humane?/ Humane doesn't mean to be good/ Humane means to be human/ And human is biggest evil/ Wars, murdering/ Suffering, greed/ Hatred, condemning/ that are the marks of human/ Look around yourself/ Everything is based on the interests/ He exploits and kills, if he need/ So that he can have a lot of money

Even I don't agree with using of word 'humane', because I am aware that it means doing something for better living of mankind, I found this point of view very interesting. Anyway, track-list and download link is below. Whole booklet and cd pictures are also included inside. Thanks to Dundo and Mata for forwarding the CD! Cheers everyone!

Track list:
1. - Vojnička (Military song)
2. - Čovjek (Human)
3. - Boring
4. - Pank (Punk)
5. - Rebel
6. - Hate
7. - Ne (No!)

Here is the download link:

Friday, December 24, 2010


Okay, today is Christmas Eve and now I am gonna write about these two pop-punk bands from Zagreb, Croatia, that published together two Christmas singles. Don't worry, here are not any religious bullshits. ;) Mašinko (Eng. - Machinky) & Fraktura Mozga (Eng. - Fractures of the Brain) recorded and made this CD only few days before Christmas, and even the songs are full of Christmas spirit, they are not the ones that you can hear on the radio now-days. Song from band Mašinko is named (translated) 'Merry Christmas (it will be better)' and in this song they are basically trying to encourage people in their own way to not give up in trying to achieve love and happiness, but song from band Fraktura Mozga called (translated) "It is Christmas..." is hilarious. :) I mean, when the first sentence of the song is (translated):"It is Christmas, fuck you and your greeting cards", than you know that something funny is inside. :D In this song they are saying to (imaginary or real?) girl to fuck off because she left him because she found someone else. And later on song 'he' is describing how the time is passing by, and that he feels so miserably that he can't even delete her from Facebook (LOL :D), and even that he already bought present to her, that he will not give it to her, because he wishes all the misery that she gave him. Interesting theme for Christmas single. :) Anyway, inside download package, are also pictures of booklet and CD and of course - music. ;) Download link is below. Cheers and I wish you all the best!

Here is the download link:

Friday, December 17, 2010


If you are type of human or extraterrestrial that is only interested in HI-FI production music, than you can go away from this post. Why? Because today, we are talking about band called Anti-Talents that is coming from Požega, Croatia. What is their story? Okay, I am gonna translate, what they did wrote inside booklet, that is of course also included inside download link. It says something like this:

Band was formed as a project in year 2000, when they was playing in line-up: Mata, Kara, Galić & Papak under the name 'Without Talents'. Later, Mata left the band and formed Anti-Talents, where were playing Mata, Boki, Darac & Totar. Then they had a couple of concerts and recorded first demo (that is not published). After the Totar left the band, Karača came instead. Then they had a couple of concerts in Požega & Gradiška and recorded few cassettes and than decided to publish this noise.

This band was formed when they were only about 13 or 14 years old. In A side of cassette you can hear their first phase of band when nobody of them really didn't know how to play and also "squeaky" bass pedal on drums, and bass guitar completely out of tune - but - for some reason, to me - this sound so fucking awesome! Even the recordings are made in 21st century, songs on A side are so full of that nihilistic '77 spirit. From this recording, you can really hear that they really don't give a damn thing about properly playing and that they only wanna express what is in their heads - and have fun at the same time of course. To me, most interesting song from that A side is song called - "963-R". The song is about undercover police patrol car, that was roaming on the streets of Požega, and hunting for everyone that looked suspicious - and that "963-R" are the last letters and digits from their registration plate. :D These are the lyrics of that song and my sloppy translation into English language:

tip je iz auta izašo (the guy went outside of car)
izgledao je jako sumnjivo (he looked very suspicious)
na uglu ulice je šetao (on the corner of the street, he was walking)
i nešto je promatrao (and had something observing)

neki klinac je potrčo (some kid, started running)
on je za njim krenuo (he started to follow him)
klinac se potepo (kid fell of)
963-r ga je pokupio (963-R picked him)

963-r voza se po gradu (963-R is driving around town)
najružniji auto u gradu (the ugliest car in the town)
svi su te skužili (everybody now know you)
možeš odjebati (you can fuck off)

The second thing about that song that is interesting to me, is that one night police officers from other undercover patrol car in Požega while they were searching 'suspicious stuff' in their pockets and that they have found the lyrics of that songs. Cop asked Mata (vox/guitar) something in style (and on Croatian of course):"Ok... What is this crap?" and Mata answered:"Song lyrics... You know - like words." :D Cop was absolutely shocked. HAhahahahahhaha :D And remember - they were only 13 or 14 years old. Because of all that, I think that this song is definitely one of the best songs in punk music history about police. Anyway, on B side of the tape is their second phase, where are still mostly same songs, but in much more hardcore/'crusty' versions. Maybe you will like it more than on A side of tape, but I personally prefer A side. My opinion - who cares anyway. ;) Other facts on this tape are that on all songs from A side and on first ten songs on B side is Dario/Darac (he is in Abergaz playing now-days (yeah, world is little place)) is playing drums and on other songs was playing drums, the guy called - Neno. Other interesting fact is, that all songs were recorded on cheap tape-recorder in their rehearsal room, and also that their song 'On radi' ('He is working') was covered by Mata's today's band where he is playing - that is called - Nonsense. For their release click here. Complete tape booklet and 'how-the-tape-looks' pictures, are included inside of download package. Many thanks to Mata for borrowing this VERY RARE tape to me! Cheers and beers everyone - download link is below as usual! Cheers!

Here is the download link:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ABERGAZ - PEČINAR (single 2010.)

Okay, I am gonna try to write about this, from third-person view. Why? For fun! :D Hahaha. :) Okay -  Abergaz is a punk band from Zagreb, Croatia, that is active from March 7th, 2006. This is their DIY single that they made on November 2010. The song is called 'Pečinar' (grammatical mistake on original title has been made on purpose). Translated into English language, the title of song is 'Caveman'. About what is this song? Download and listen - booklet & lyrics translations to English language, are also included inside. Also, 90% of cover is handcrafted - but I think that everything is 'readable'. ;) This single will be also released in 'solid' format, but for now, it is only available in this way, because they need to gather money to make solid release. This song is free to share, with condition, to name all artist contributions. Enjoy & cheers!

Here is the download link:


Monday, November 22, 2010


Diskurz is punk band from Rijeka, Croatia, that is active from 2006. Their style is to be more artistic and non-typical band that in this pseudo-reality come out like some more 'punk-ish Nirvana' or 'grunge-ish Sex Pistols' - at least on this album, I don't know how are they gonna sound on their next album, that they are currently recording. This album is released for major label, called 'Dallas Records' (for Europe), and couple of songs from this album are also released on 7-inch vinyl for label called Todo Destruido (for U.S.A.). How did they managed to get on the major label? Well, I heard a couple of stories, but most common is that they managed to get there, because one of them is actually a relative with Goran Lisica - Fox, or just good friend with him - and Fox is (I think) the main boss in 'Dallas Records'. Yes - they 'pulled their strings' and as I can read that on their interviews - they are definitely not hiding that. They are saying everyone to face, that they are 'sell-out pussies' and that they don't care about that and that they just want to express what they feel in the way that they feel while searching for some new edges in music and in life. Is that some real nihilism, or just 'journalism jerking' - to be honest - I, personally don't care, you find your own opinion if you want. Anyway - on this album they have a couple of songs, that I personally like very much (no, I am not gonna say what are they ;)), so, together with request in shout-box, that are the reasons why am I bringing you today this album. Download link is below. Cheers!

Here is the download link:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

NO ARMY - DEMO (2010.)

No Army is a punk band from Opatija, Croatia, that is active from 2008. Their attitude says that biography is for assholes, so I am not gonna write about their past shows or existence, but I must say that we (Abergaz) have played together with them on one show in Opatija and got very drunk together after the show to long time in night. That was funny evening. :) Anyway, they are playing punk rock without any bullshit, with very straight-forward lyrics. Themes of songs are from Facebook parasites, to calling for direct action for change. I read on one other blog that this demo is under the influence of Bojan, the singer and guitar player from major label punk band, called, Diskurz. I honestly don't know what they wanted to say with that, but I don't give a shit about that anyway... So, under is track list and download link, as usual. ;) Cheers!

Track list:
1. Ujedinjena mafija (United mafia)
2. Pobuna dolazi (Rebellion is coming)
3. Paraziti s fejsbuka (Facebook parasites)
4. Ponos (Pride)
5. Aktiviraj se (Activate yourself)
6. Nikad (Never)

Here is the download link:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lunachicks were an all-women punk rock band from New York City (USA). The band formed in 1987 and has been on hiatus since 2000. The band claimed influences including The Ramones, Kiss, and the MC5. Their music is, I will tell, riot grrrl in one of the most punkiest ways. I can hear spirit of the Runaways, mixed with angry riffs and VERY ALIVE drumming. Vocals from Theo Kogan are mostly very deep, but than again on some songs higher and always so-into-song, that you can really feel that she REALLY mean what she is singing - she is awesome singer! Anyway, I highly recommend to download and hear this band! Today I am bringing you one of my favorite albums from them.

Track list:
01. Yeah
02. Throwin' it away
03. The Day Squid's Gerbil Died
04. Dear Dotti
05. Mr. Lady
06. Spork
07. What's Left
08. Gone Kissin
09. Don't Want You
10. The Baby
11. @#% (PMS song!)
12. Wing Chun
13. MMM Donuts
14. Missed It

Here is the download link:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OFF! - LIVE AT FYF FESTIVAL, LOS ANGELES (September 4th, 2010)

Okay - today, I am bringing you, LIVE recordings from new Keith Moris's band, called - OFF! I wrote about them in this post, so feel free to check it out on this link: http://pankcina.blogspot.com/2010/10/off-1st-7-ep-2010.html . Track list and download link are below. Quality is okay, but songs on their first EP (see link up) sound way much better than on this live recordings. Anyway, as I always say - hear by yourself, if you wish. ;) Cheers!

Track list:

01. - Intro
02. - Black Thoughts
03. - Darkness
04. - I Don't Belong
05. - Killing Away
06. - Jeffery Lee Pierce Eulogy Intro
07. - Jeffery Lee Pierce
08. - Sexy Capitalists
09. - Now I'm Pissed
10. - Poisoned City
11. - Rat Trap
12. - Keith's Marc Bolan Haircut Contest
13. - Panic Attack
14. - Upside Down

Here is the download link:

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Mikrofonija (I think that right translation on English is - "Echo") is cult melodic hardcore punk band from Zagreb, Croatia, that was formed at the beginning of 1995. They had recorded first album named “Mikrofonija” in August of 1998. Some members were changed from start till the end, and there were few breaks in bend activities linked to that changes. Between two albums, in year 2000 tape “LAJV” (Eng. trans. :"LIVE") appeared with records from some live acts as a precursor of second studio album. At the end of year 2002, second album was recorded, named “Svoga tijela gospodar” ("Master of own body"). After that, they had some concerts and than break again, which lasted for about a year. After that, new bass player (Darac) came at the beginning of 2005 and line up was: Antun Krajinović Tuna - Guitar, vocals; Plajo - Drums, backvocals; Darac - Bass. The band was active until the sudden death of Tuna, which occurred on the morning of 16th August 2009, due to congenital heart defects. He died when he was only 31 years old. His close friends and band-mates are organizing every year concert in honor of him and his big contribution to punk scene in Zagreb, Croatia, and even further. This year was second concert in honor to him and many people visited it again... Today, I am bringing you their rehearsal (and one live) recordings that they made in year 2007. Here are 3 songs that they recorded in demo quality as a precursor for their new album, that will never be done, because Tuna is gone from this dimension. :(( But - his music makes him alive in this dimension forever - right? I think that it is. I also think that he is definitely making more great music in some other dimension, that we at this time are not aware of it's existence. Here is track list:

Track list:
1. Istina (Truth)
2. Hit
3. Odavno (Long ago)
4. Odavno (live version from their Sarajevo (BiH) concert)

Here is the download link:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Deafness By Noise was established in early 1991. in Samobor, Croatia. Since then the band has played almost 300 shows around Europe as a headliners or supported the bands like Sick of it All, Mad Ball, Biohazard, Pro-pain, Merauder, D.R.I, Ratos de Porao, Inner Damn , Shutdown NYC, Kill your idols, 25 ta life, Misconduct, Commin Correct, Violent Society, Discipline, Brightside, Ensign etc.etc… Today I am bringing you their latest album called Aim to Please (Thanks Fotelja for forwarding!).

Track list:
01. - Lazy Bums
02. - The Burden
03. - Plastic
04. - Aim 2 Please
05. - InSaNe
06. - GFY
07. - PC
08. - True Love
09. - Allegiance
10. - Holding On

Here is the download link:

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Okay - THIS RECORD WAS WAY AHEAD IT'S TIME! No - caps lock is not accidental! For fuck sake, these guys are fast, lucid, angry and clever in all that! I really need to say thanks again to Dronemful - the guy that forwarded me this band. Thank you men! Okay, I must get a grip - this description is going nowhere, but - I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS BAND! (:D)
Middle Class, formed in 1976. in Santa Ana, California, were definitely one of the first hardcore punk bands in history. Debate continues to this day as to whether Middle Class were the first hardcore band or if Black Flag or Bad Brains were. (It is unlikely that Bad Brains were aware of the Middle Class, however, as they were unknown outside of California.) Their sound evolved from being a blistering, shouted, arty version of punk which would be extremely influential to the hardcore sound that would emerge in the years following their first release, the 1978 "Out Of Vogue" 7 inch (that I am giving you today). This record featured the title track along with three other songs. I managed even to find lyrics for Out Of Vogue song, that goes like this:
Sounds just an overdub
Hate is just a fashion show
(not sure this one)
The hate it starts and never ends

We dont need we get our fill
Its esoteric overkill
Its a shiny new aesthetic
Get us out of vogue

We dont need your magazines
We dont need you fashion show
We dont need your tv
We dont want to know

We dont need we get our fill
Its esoteric overkill
Its a shiny new aesthetic
Get us out of vogue
And remember - this 7'' record is from 1978.!!

Track list:
1. Out of Vogue
2. You Belong
3. Situations
4. Insurgence
Here is the download link:

Friday, October 29, 2010

OFF! - 1st 7'' E.P (2010.)

Ladies & gentleman - and of course, my fellow extraterrestrials: Keith Morris is back (did he ever leave? LOL xD) with his new band called Off! They are raw, they are angry - they are awesome! If music make me wanna jump off my chair, that I am sitting on now - than something must be great with that sounds! Today, I am bringing you their first EP, that had recently went out. On it are four songs, in this order:

Track list:
1. Black Thoughts
2. Darkness
3. I don't belong
4. Upside down

If you think, that song titles says it all - I dunno, download (or buy) their release, and find out by yourself.

Here is the download link:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

TRN U OKU - vozim svoju trku... (2009.)

The band was formed in 1995., in Zadar (Croatia) and it was first called "Kapula" ("Onions"). Just after the first gig the line up has been changed and at the beginning of 1996. the band also changed its name to "Trn u oku" ("Thorn in the eye"). In the following 3 years the band recorded 2 demos and one studio recording (unsigned), played about 30 gigs and gained many followers all around Croatia. Then, for no particular reason, the band stopped working, but there was always a great wish to play one last show and say goodbye to all of their fans. Fortunately, in 2005. the band realized that they have a lot more left to say, they joined up again and started rehearsing and making new songs. On November 17th, 2007. they played a show in Zadar, the first after 8 years, and it was a total blast, as they said. It was the beginning of the new era of "Trn u oku", what means that band is still active now. Today, I am bringing you their latest release, that was in year 2009, named - "vozim svojim trku..."("I ride my race" (in "racing" context is meaning)), on which are four awesome punk songs full of energy of life!

Track list:
1. ZBRKA (confusion)
2. SUZA (tear)
3. ZAKON ULICE (street law)
4. DRŽ' NE DAJ (hold, do not give)

Here is a download link:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

VA - Kof! kOF! kompilacija vol. 1 (2010.)

Okay... This is a compilation CD, with various artists from all over the world and with many types of punk music, that I had published together with second number of my fanzine Kof!kOF! (on Croatian language is written), in an edition of 50 pieces. No, I didn't ask anyone for permission to put them on the compilation and trust me - I didn't earned any money - I only lost money, but I don't regret it, in fact, I am very glad that I invested my money in this, because seeing happiness on people faces was and still is - priceless. Anyway - here is the track list in picture (that weights 152.83 KB), because I am at this moment, too lazy to type it here. Cheers everyone!

Track list (below track list is a download link):

Here is the download link:

Monday, October 4, 2010


Urban Phobia was chaos-street punk from Zagreb, Croatia, that was active from beginning of 2004 year, to the end of 2005. In the beginning band was called Mohikan 82, but after the singer and lyric writer called Taliban, came into the band, Mohikan 82 was renamed in Urban Phobia. They have recorded 2 demos, first was much rawer than this second one that I am bringing to you today. I will also later upload their first demo, when their guitar player send me it. This demo - Dying Generation is in better quality, but it is still raw as fuck! Imagine mix of earliest version of Antidote (Netherlands) sound, mixed with even more extremely nihilistic and street punk view of this life and world. Because they were at that time really living their lives like it is described on this demo, this recording is full of honest youth anger and reactions against this apathy and decay of today. It is interesting fact, that they have recorded this demo in studio Kozmo in 14 hours of total effective time, during the few days, because they won in some band contest, that was happening in famous club Močvara in Zagreb, at that time. Band split-up, after few concerts and after less than 2 years, because everyone of them had very big problems in life at that time, so they just went apart. Later their singer and guitar players formed band called Emetophilia. Their second guitarist, Toni Plutonij, told me that he thinks that everyone of them, changed very much after they went apart. Anyway - here is their only live video footage, from their concert in Močvara - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amUN_STDRVc .

Track list:
1. Chernobyl Intro
2. Chaos in the City
3. Way of Life
4. Chernobyl
5. Tomorrow
6. Rebellious Clown
7. We Hate You All
8. Oi! Oi! Youth
9. Proud To Be Punk
10. N.T.C. (New Terrorist Conspiracy)
11. Ghetto
12. On Your Back
13. Andrei Chikatilo
14. Punx '82
15. The End

And here is the download link, of course:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

BARKOD - LICE TV-A (2010.)

Barkod (eng. Barcode) is punkrock / streetpunk / hardcore / oi! band from Koprivnica, Croatia. Themes of their songs are from almost typical 'word from the street' to hate against negative aspects of mass media and everything that comes with that, including some darkish introvert thoughts. Mostly of their songs are in Croatian, but there are few also on English language. Lyrics are inside .zip package, so try to translate them with Google Translator, or similar tools, if you are interested in their meaning. Today I am giving you their second cd that they have recorded that is called 'Lice TV-a' (eng. 'TV Face'), that I found on the dirt in front of the entrance of Željezničar club in Koprivnica, where they had promotion of the that new CD release. It is pure miracle, that my CD reader managed to rip this CD in mp3 format. :) Below are track list and of course - a download link. Cheers!

Track list:
1. - Ja nisam lice s TV-a
2. - Stojim sam
3. - Marioneta
4. - Žicanje
5. - Mass media
6. - Tko ste vi?
7. - Svakog dana ista priča
8. - Nikad iz podruma

Here is the download link:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Junk messiah is a hardcore/punk band from Zagreb (Croatia) strongly influenced by dirty rock’n’roll… They sprung up from the ashes of Vaseline children and moved on in a slightly different direction. Main music influences would be The Rites having sex with Vaseline Children while listening to Black flag and AC/DC. Anyway, if you are in search for some new serious hardcore punk stuff - I will definitely recommend you to download (and/or buy) this first album from them! Their lyrics are at the same time very introvert and extrovert and direct, what, by my conclusion, gives you a lot of space for your own conclusions. If you like this band, feel free to support them by buying their release on independent Balkan-based label and DIY distribution called DHP AK47. Here is their web address http://dhpak47.blogspot.com, and here is band web page http://junkmessiah.blogspot.com.

And here is (of course) a download link:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today - I am bringing you first EP, from riot grrrl band where I play drums. The band is from Zagreb (Croatia) and it's name is - Dvajzdeka Špeka (ENG: TwentyDecagrams of Bacon). Somebody will say:"boo-hoo shameless self-promotion", but I don't give a shit about that crap-talking, because I - together with other people in that band, invested a lot of effort and time (and other stuff like creativity and money of course) to make this recordings and I don't see reason, why I wouldn't publish that recording here on my blog. "Don't hate the media - become the media" (said Jello Biafra). Enough with that - on this recording are 4 short songs, that are going from indie rock, mixed with garage sound, through punk rock and all the way to the hardcore punk/grin-core, and all that is mixed with Nadia singing. She have color of voice very similar to Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill), but not her style of singing. How that sounds? Why don't you find out? ;) Download link is below - cheers!

Download link:

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Crveni Šlic (eng. Red Zipper) is awesome hardcore punk band that crawled out from Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina. They music is first of all - painfully honest interpretation of life in Bihać and it also comes often with very satiric lyrics about some dark thoughts in their heads and also about idiots and passive people around them. Vocals (Meho) sound something like mix of Hogar (Motus Vita Est) attitude, with Satan Panonski (Pogreb X) color of voice. Their album "Ogledalo Besmisla" ("Mirror of nonsense") is their first 'official' recording, if we don't count some live bootlegs. Anyway, I recommend you to download this album and to hear by yourself, if you wish that, of course. ;) Track list & download link is bellow.

Track list:
01. - San
02. - Palestina
03. - Britney Spears
04. - Oda Panku
05. - Sam
06. - Adamantine
07. - Iskompleksirani Krkani
08. - Pepsi Hardcore
09. - JTM!
10. - Bihać

Here is the download link:


Thursday, August 12, 2010

SKÖL - UZMI I REŽI (EP) (1991.)

This the last release of high energy punk band Sköl from Zagreb (Croatia), that was released in 1991. for "Slušaj Najglasnije" ("Listen Loudest") underground label. "Uzmi i reži" ("Take and cut") is awesome sequel of "Čista perverzija" ("Pure perversion") record, released in 1990., with four awesome hardcore punk songs, including great song called "Kuća Gori" ("House is burning"), with repetitive lyrics, that are saying, translated in English:"House - is burning - House - there is no one - to extinguish it!" I used to listen this song on repeat for all night long, hahahhaah. Anyway, here is the track list and, of course, download link.

Track list:
01. - Daj, Daj
02. - Krik
03. - Kuća Gori
04. - Oni Odlaze

Here is the download link:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I wrote some general information about pure energy punk band Sköl, from Zagreb(Croatia), in post before this, so I am not gonna repeat myself. This is their debut album that was published in famous underground label called "Slušaj najglasnije"(or "Listen loudest" in English) in January 1990. In this phase band sound at the moments experimental and little weird, but on second listening you will (I assume) hear that this is pure & honest hardcore punk with lot of energy & lucidity inside. To me, most awesome their song is called "Lica" ("Faces"). On this album is already male vocalist, with very strong but not macho vocal. Enough - download link is bellow.

Track list:
A1. - Noć
A2. - Čovjek
A3. - Ona
A4. - Jurica
A5. - Kako bih
A6. - Ravno se drži
B1. - Stvarnost
B2. - Lica
B3. - On
B4. - Heroji
B5. - Svjetlost
B6. - Zagreb

Here is the download link:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SKÖL - Live at Ljubljana 25-05-1984 (1984.)

Sköl was a high energy punk band from Zagreb, Croatia (ex yu), that was formed in (I think) 1983. Word "sköl" in Danish/Norwegian/Swedish language means:"cheers". In their first phase, they were female fronted, but in 1985. because of some reasons that I personally don't know, she and (I think) bass player left the band, and then one guy from Blitzkrieg (Zagreb) come to play bass in the band, and then guitarist from Sköl, started aslo to sing in Sköl. Aaaargh. Maybe this facts are not completely accurate, so if you do know CORRECT facts, please let me know that(via comments or somehow), so that I can update this post, because this is what I did found out about this band from people that weren't sure about that facts. Anyway - in first phase - band sounded very raw with very nihilistic vocals. So, today - I am bringing to you that phase of the band, the only recording of that phase when they were female fronted. This is live recording from Ljubljana (Slovenija), recorded in May 25th, 1984. In two next posts, I am gonna upload other two recordings that band Sköl have ever recorded.

Track list:
01. - Intro
02. - Direktori
03. - Sama sam
04. - Alkohol
05. - Malograđanština
06. - Laj
07. - (unknown title)
08. - Treći čovek

Here is the download link:

Monday, August 9, 2010


Deadline is a female fronted Punk Rock band from London, England, formed in 2000. Members consisting of Liz (vocals), Hervé (bass), Ryan (guitar), Pascal (drums) and Doudou(guitar). For this band is characteristic incredibly beautiful voice of their singer Liz, mixed with very good punk-rock riffs. Anyway, their songs are mostly about hanging out and about love and of course about everything that comes with love. If you want to express your love & relationship feelings in street punk rock way - I think that this album is very great for that. Today, I am bringing to you one of their seven albums, called 'Back for more' that contains 12 very great punk rock songs.

01-Back For More
02-Time Rain Out
03-Last Night
04-Get Away
05-The Way We Were
07-Going Nowhere
08-Easy Life
09-On The Road
10-What You Think
11-Round The Bend
12-One More Way

Here is the download link:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

NOT ON TOUR - NOT ON TOUR (2009.) (low-fi)

Not on tour is four piece female fronted poppy hardcore punk from the center of Israel. They’ve been playing music for over 10 years, going to shows and making shows of thier sefls.
also playing and played in: Expect Nothing, The Backliners, Mess, Phony Pony, Hikokiri, Hanirim, Shenkin Punx. They released thier first album on diner junkie records. “16 punk rock songs that will remind you why you got into this stuff in the first place!”
Listen to the entire album in HI-FI for free
and order a copy (if you want) at
http://dinerjunkie.bandcamp.com/ . Or you can just download all songs in low fidelity at this link. Choice is yours.

Here is the download link:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BRAT PACK - Demotape (2006.)

Okay, today I am bringing to you a demo tape from band Brat Pack. I wrote about them in post before this, so I am not gonna repeat myself. I am just gonna say that on this demo tape are also 2 songs that are included on 'Hate the neighbors' album, but other songs are not. So - if you like their album, I recommend you that you also download this demo recordings of them. Quality of recordings is very good.

Here is the track list:
1.) Spending money
2.) Brat Pack
3.) See if we care
4.) In control
5.) Pay up
6.) Cleanse the bacteria

Here is the download link:


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brat Pack - Hate the Neighbours (2008.)

Brat Pack is a punk rock band from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Influenced by RKL, early NOFX, Adolescents and DI, they teamed up early 2006, for pure Westcoast hardcore punk worship. After gaining a steady line-up and a few months of practice, they recorded their first demo with Nico van Montfort. Angry Youth Records released it on tape, cd-version was done by themselves. They are full of speed & energy on stage and on their recordings. Their singer is also singing in band Citizen Patrol, but about that band I will write in some later posts. If you are near Pula (Croatia), on August 7th 2010 - I am strongly recommending you to go to the Monteparadiso festival, and to see there their live show (Citizen Patrol is also that day on festival), because I saw them two years ago in KSET, in Zagreb (Croatia) and they had REALLY awesome gig that night! Enough with my babbling - today I am bringing you their full length album called - 'Hate the neighbours'.

Here is the download link:


Thursday, July 15, 2010

BLITZKRIEG (ZAGREB) - DEMO 1 & 2 plus LIVE (1984.)

Blitzkrieg is the name also from one punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia (Ex. Yugoslavia) that was active from 1984. to the end of 8os. The band was formed when first version of Zagreb hardcore punk band called Sköl (the one with girl on vocals) split-up and when one of the members from band Solidarnost (see post bellow) came to college in Zagreb. I couldn't find on internet any more similar picture for this band, so I put this one. Anyway, today I am bringing to you all recordings that (I think) they have ever recorded. This band is playing pure punk rock in kind of '77 style, with great vocals, and very raw guitar. The lyrics are about the apathy of 1980s and all the other things connected with that. If you have any more songs from this band, or any other new information, feel free to contact me via shout box or via comments, so that I can update the facts about this band.

Here is the download link:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

SOLIDARNOST - DEMO '82. (1982.)

SOLIDARNOST was raw hardcore punk band from Knin, Croatia (Ex. Yugoslavia) that was active in 1980s. No, this picture is not from their release, I put it here because I can't find on internet more similar picture for that band. Anyway, as I said, this band is full of raw hardcore energy, with very desperate view on this world in its lyrics. This band is definitely underestimated for it's time, because, if you ask me, they sound awesome. But, hear by yourself, if you wish, and make your own experience of this music - if you wish that, of course. xD Band split-ed somewhere in mid-80s, because one member went to live in Zagreb (Croatia) and than he made there new band, called, Blitzkrieg, but, I will write more about Blitzkrieg from Zagreb, in some later posts.

Here is the download link for music:

Monday, July 5, 2010


PASMATERS is hardcore punk band from Pula, Croatia, that started to play in 1984. and with some short & long pauses is still playing now. They style is full of raw 80's hardcore energy, mixed with very rebellious attitude. This is they 3rd album called - Unload Your Pain, that they released via Monteparadiso netlabel and it is free to share with this creative commons conditions - click here for them.

Here is the download link:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


RADIKALNA PROMJENA (eng. Radical Change) was an important DIY anarcho-hardcore-punk band, with some dub elements in their music, from Zagreb, Croatia.

One of the founders of the band and the vocalist/songwriter is Domagoj Šeks. He was son of the Vladimir Šeks, that was president of Croatian parliament and still is now very influential politician in Croatian government and 'the word on the street' is that Domagoj, his son, had a really big problem to live with the fact that he is his son, so perhaps that is the reason, why is this tape full of very honest & constructive rebellious attitude against government & society stupidity that (still) gets rapidly even worse every day. Domagoj Šeks tragically died in 2005 in India, because some local group of people, that didn't like him, put the poison in his tea. Some of other Radikalna Promjena members formed dub band called Radikal Dub Kolektiv.

Here is the download link for music:


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Abergaz is playing rebellious punk, but they also like to joke in their songs - and yes - I am also in that band :)) Here is live bootleg that we have recorded on July 11th, 2010 at Radio Student in Zagreb, Croatia. Bootleg also contains, never before recorded song called 'Etiketa Nacionalnosti' ('Label of nationality'). The song is about that you had that label before you have even borne, wanted or not and that, if you ask me, I want to destroy that label on me, because it is full of prejudices and because sometimes it represses my life too much. Anyway - here is complete track list & of course - download link:

1. Introduction
2. Demokracija
3. Etiketa nacionalnosti
4. opalim vas!
5. pankenroler
6. klafranje 2
7. ako se želiš smijat
8. lucidan san
9. Klafranje 3
10. Siromah u duši
11. Kratko klafranje 4
12. želim živjeti
13. kratko klafranje 5
14. batine
15. z.p.s.z.s.t.?
16. opet neko klafranje
17. Sexualno zapostavljen
18. šestšestšest(šest)
19. oš kebab?!?
20. klafranje 7
21. Andergraund
22. zahvale, pozdravi, reklamiranje
trash serijskog projekta i klafranje


Cheers everyone!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Gužva u Bajt (on English: 'Crowded into a Byte') or just - G.U.B. - is a street-punk band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, that is active from 2004. They are none political band that follows drunk-punk ideals and represents alternative to rich pussy punk bands and political activists. They are trying to represent their own view of the world, that is everything, but following political ideals. Their goal in performing is not to change society, but to enjoy life and things they love to do.

This is they album called 'Nikad pankera od nas' or in English: 'Never punks from us' . The album name is, of course, auto-ironic. Do I really need to say that? I think that yes - I needed to say that.

Band Myspace:

Download link for album:

(Lyrics are also included - please use Google translator or other similar tools to translate them to language that you understand.)
That is all for today! Cheers!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Proces was a hardcore punk band from Subotica, Serbia (ex. Yugoslavia). They were active in 1980s, but I heard that today they are playing again. In this package are (at least I think) all songs that they have ever released. Their sound is very raw and lyrics are very nihilistic. If you want to find out more about the Subotica hardcore punk scene at that time - check this documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhoq9R6f_Ig . One thing - you have to understand a Serbian language, to understand what are they saying in that documentary, because there are no English subtitles.

Anyway - here is a download link for music:


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Chronic Sick were Bobby The "K" (music, lyrics, lead guitar, backing vocals), Greg Gory (Vocals), Arnie Barrs (bass, backing vocals) and Joe Albano (drums). Formed in 1981 in New Jersey, this Hardcore Punk band had two releases on Mutha Records : "Cutest Band In Hardcore" 12" (Mutha 002), and a self-titled 7" EP (Mutha 008) between 1982 - 83'. Read this funny review that I found on blog cantstandthe80s.blogspot.com :

Last and definitely least The Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P. by Chronic Sick. This is the worst. The worst words. These kids should get beat up. If they want to be shocking why don't they kill themselves on stage. I think that's better than writing racist and sexist songs that will make people want to kill them anyway. We appreciate a colorful crowd so if they know what's good for them they won't play New York again.
-Javi Savage, from Big City zine #4, May/June 1983

My comment on that review is - BULLSHIT REVIEW. Why? Because their songs are not racist or sexist - actually they are making fun of all that in their songs, as I can hear by listening their music. And their music is very great if you ask me and they stage look is in same way provocative as it was the Sex Pistols look, as I can see that on some band-on-stage pictures, but that Javi Savage review, doesn't shock me, because I understand that on this planet were and still are some people, that really can't figure out PUNK MUSIC & MOVEMENT, because they try to look at it trough some rough definitions and not by some feeling........... Anyway, enough with my opinions, here is download link and figure out by yourself is good or bad this band to you - if you wish of course ;) Cheers!

Download link:


Problemi was a punk rock band from Pula, Croatia (ex. Yugoslavia), that was active from the end of 1970’s to the beginning of 1980’s. They have recorded one demo and two songs for RTVLJ compilation “Novi Punk Val”. Their style of playing is pure nihilistic old school punk, that is great reflection of that time. They are also singing on Croatian language, but if you are in true love with punk '77, then you will love this recordings, no matter what languages you understand & speak.

Download link:

GROBUT - DEMO (2005.)

Grobut is great hardcore punk/power violence band from Požega, Croatia, that is not active anymore. Their name is actually word "Tuborg" in the reverse :) This Demo is from their release for DIY Progressive Attack Records.

Demo contains six songs:
1. Prokletstvo
2. Kaos
3. Crni Pijac
4. Grobut
5. Anđeo smrti
6. Nuklearno uništenje (Anti Talents cover)

Download link:

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Pankerfaust is a punk band from Zagreb, Croatia, that started in early 2005.
Early influences were Fakofbolan, Turbonegro and alcohol.
In 2007 they finally completed the recording of the infamous “Zlo Nevidjeno” album, that remains officially unpublished.


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