Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Junk messiah is a hardcore/punk band from Zagreb (Croatia) strongly influenced by dirty rock’n’roll… They sprung up from the ashes of Vaseline children and moved on in a slightly different direction. Main music influences would be The Rites having sex with Vaseline Children while listening to Black flag and AC/DC. Anyway, if you are in search for some new serious hardcore punk stuff - I will definitely recommend you to download (and/or buy) this first album from them! Their lyrics are at the same time very introvert and extrovert and direct, what, by my conclusion, gives you a lot of space for your own conclusions. If you like this band, feel free to support them by buying their release on independent Balkan-based label and DIY distribution called DHP AK47. Here is their web address http://dhpak47.blogspot.com, and here is band web page http://junkmessiah.blogspot.com.

And here is (of course) a download link:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today - I am bringing you first EP, from riot grrrl band where I play drums. The band is from Zagreb (Croatia) and it's name is - Dvajzdeka Špeka (ENG: TwentyDecagrams of Bacon). Somebody will say:"boo-hoo shameless self-promotion", but I don't give a shit about that crap-talking, because I - together with other people in that band, invested a lot of effort and time (and other stuff like creativity and money of course) to make this recordings and I don't see reason, why I wouldn't publish that recording here on my blog. "Don't hate the media - become the media" (said Jello Biafra). Enough with that - on this recording are 4 short songs, that are going from indie rock, mixed with garage sound, through punk rock and all the way to the hardcore punk/grin-core, and all that is mixed with Nadia singing. She have color of voice very similar to Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill), but not her style of singing. How that sounds? Why don't you find out? ;) Download link is below - cheers!

Download link:
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