Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Junk messiah is a hardcore/punk band from Zagreb (Croatia) strongly influenced by dirty rock’n’roll… They sprung up from the ashes of Vaseline children and moved on in a slightly different direction. Main music influences would be The Rites having sex with Vaseline Children while listening to Black flag and AC/DC. Anyway, if you are in search for some new serious hardcore punk stuff - I will definitely recommend you to download (and/or buy) this first album from them! Their lyrics are at the same time very introvert and extrovert and direct, what, by my conclusion, gives you a lot of space for your own conclusions. If you like this band, feel free to support them by buying their release on independent Balkan-based label and DIY distribution called DHP AK47. Here is their web address http://dhpak47.blogspot.com, and here is band web page http://junkmessiah.blogspot.com.

And here is (of course) a download link:

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