Sunday, October 3, 2010

BARKOD - LICE TV-A (2010.)

Barkod (eng. Barcode) is punkrock / streetpunk / hardcore / oi! band from Koprivnica, Croatia. Themes of their songs are from almost typical 'word from the street' to hate against negative aspects of mass media and everything that comes with that, including some darkish introvert thoughts. Mostly of their songs are in Croatian, but there are few also on English language. Lyrics are inside .zip package, so try to translate them with Google Translator, or similar tools, if you are interested in their meaning. Today I am giving you their second cd that they have recorded that is called 'Lice TV-a' (eng. 'TV Face'), that I found on the dirt in front of the entrance of Željezničar club in Koprivnica, where they had promotion of the that new CD release. It is pure miracle, that my CD reader managed to rip this CD in mp3 format. :) Below are track list and of course - a download link. Cheers!

Track list:
1. - Ja nisam lice s TV-a
2. - Stojim sam
3. - Marioneta
4. - Žicanje
5. - Mass media
6. - Tko ste vi?
7. - Svakog dana ista priča
8. - Nikad iz podruma

Here is the download link:

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