Sunday, June 17, 2012


Abergaz is a punk band from Zagreb, Croatia, that I have created on March 7th, 2006 at 9 p.m. This is our second album, with far more greater production than our first one, on wich I have been working together with my band for three years to this date - and now is finally finished - and published on our DIY label. So far, we packed it on tapes, but there is also, of course, available digital download from our bandcamp page (link is below). For free download, just enter the number 0 (zero), after clicking on Buy now button, or if you wish to support us - you can 'name your price' for the album. All songs are including English translations, bellow original lyrics, that are singed on pseudo-Croatian language. Here is the track list and bandcamp link is below.

Track list:
01. Minimalizam Megalomanije (Minimalism Of Megalomany) 03:16
02. Pankenroler (Punk'n'roller) 02:14
03. Ne seri si u bradu nego kreni (Don't just talk, do something) 02:08
04. LOL generacija (LOL generation) 01:55
05. Etiketa Nacionalnosti (Etiquette of nationality) 02:47
06. Zagreb (Zagreb) 03:40
07. Antipolitičan (Anti-polliticall) 02:14
08. Stereotipni Hrvati
(Stereotypical Croats)
09. Dogovorili su rat 90ih (They arranged war in the 90's) 01:49
10. Mržnja kaže da se pobijete svi (Hatred suggests that you should kill each other) 02:31
11. Ti si protiv LGBITQ (You are against LGBITQ) 01:08
12. Vrijeme nas zove (Time is calling us) 01:37
13. Resursno Orijentirana Ekonomija (Resource Based Economy) 04:31
14. Valovi Monetarnog Sustava (Waves of monetary system) 03:44
15. Vođenje ljubavi usred trećeg svjetskog rata (Making love during World War Three) 02:06
16. Iskra (Spark) 03:08
17. Nintendo (In heaven hands) 02:58



  1. Hi Njec, thanks for your message, I have downloaded the whole album and listen to it later, too busy at the moment but if it sounds like the single you made a f.u.c.k.i.n.' KILLER!!!!

  2. Thank you for this!Maybe someone want find a similar samples to these tracks,i share with u -


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