Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brat Pack - Hate the Neighbours (2008.)

Brat Pack is a punk rock band from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Influenced by RKL, early NOFX, Adolescents and DI, they teamed up early 2006, for pure Westcoast hardcore punk worship. After gaining a steady line-up and a few months of practice, they recorded their first demo with Nico van Montfort. Angry Youth Records released it on tape, cd-version was done by themselves. They are full of speed & energy on stage and on their recordings. Their singer is also singing in band Citizen Patrol, but about that band I will write in some later posts. If you are near Pula (Croatia), on August 7th 2010 - I am strongly recommending you to go to the Monteparadiso festival, and to see there their live show (Citizen Patrol is also that day on festival), because I saw them two years ago in KSET, in Zagreb (Croatia) and they had REALLY awesome gig that night! Enough with my babbling - today I am bringing you their full length album called - 'Hate the neighbours'.

Here is the download link:


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