Thursday, July 15, 2010

BLITZKRIEG (ZAGREB) - DEMO 1 & 2 plus LIVE (1984.)

Blitzkrieg is the name also from one punk rock band from Zagreb, Croatia (Ex. Yugoslavia) that was active from 1984. to the end of 8os. The band was formed when first version of Zagreb hardcore punk band called Sköl (the one with girl on vocals) split-up and when one of the members from band Solidarnost (see post bellow) came to college in Zagreb. I couldn't find on internet any more similar picture for this band, so I put this one. Anyway, today I am bringing to you all recordings that (I think) they have ever recorded. This band is playing pure punk rock in kind of '77 style, with great vocals, and very raw guitar. The lyrics are about the apathy of 1980s and all the other things connected with that. If you have any more songs from this band, or any other new information, feel free to contact me via shout box or via comments, so that I can update the facts about this band.

Here is the download link:

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