Thursday, July 8, 2010

SOLIDARNOST - DEMO '82. (1982.)

SOLIDARNOST was raw hardcore punk band from Knin, Croatia (Ex. Yugoslavia) that was active in 1980s. No, this picture is not from their release, I put it here because I can't find on internet more similar picture for that band. Anyway, as I said, this band is full of raw hardcore energy, with very desperate view on this world in its lyrics. This band is definitely underestimated for it's time, because, if you ask me, they sound awesome. But, hear by yourself, if you wish, and make your own experience of this music - if you wish that, of course. xD Band split-ed somewhere in mid-80s, because one member went to live in Zagreb (Croatia) and than he made there new band, called, Blitzkrieg, but, I will write more about Blitzkrieg from Zagreb, in some later posts.

Here is the download link for music:

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