Thursday, August 26, 2010


Crveni Šlic (eng. Red Zipper) is awesome hardcore punk band that crawled out from Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina. They music is first of all - painfully honest interpretation of life in Bihać and it also comes often with very satiric lyrics about some dark thoughts in their heads and also about idiots and passive people around them. Vocals (Meho) sound something like mix of Hogar (Motus Vita Est) attitude, with Satan Panonski (Pogreb X) color of voice. Their album "Ogledalo Besmisla" ("Mirror of nonsense") is their first 'official' recording, if we don't count some live bootlegs. Anyway, I recommend you to download this album and to hear by yourself, if you wish that, of course. ;) Track list & download link is bellow.

Track list:
01. - San
02. - Palestina
03. - Britney Spears
04. - Oda Panku
05. - Sam
06. - Adamantine
07. - Iskompleksirani Krkani
08. - Pepsi Hardcore
09. - JTM!
10. - Bihać

Here is the download link:


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