Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SKÖL - Live at Ljubljana 25-05-1984 (1984.)

Sköl was a high energy punk band from Zagreb, Croatia (ex yu), that was formed in (I think) 1983. Word "sköl" in Danish/Norwegian/Swedish language means:"cheers". In their first phase, they were female fronted, but in 1985. because of some reasons that I personally don't know, she and (I think) bass player left the band, and then one guy from Blitzkrieg (Zagreb) come to play bass in the band, and then guitarist from Sköl, started aslo to sing in Sköl. Aaaargh. Maybe this facts are not completely accurate, so if you do know CORRECT facts, please let me know that(via comments or somehow), so that I can update this post, because this is what I did found out about this band from people that weren't sure about that facts. Anyway - in first phase - band sounded very raw with very nihilistic vocals. So, today - I am bringing to you that phase of the band, the only recording of that phase when they were female fronted. This is live recording from Ljubljana (Slovenija), recorded in May 25th, 1984. In two next posts, I am gonna upload other two recordings that band Sköl have ever recorded.

Track list:
01. - Intro
02. - Direktori
03. - Sama sam
04. - Alkohol
05. - Malograđanština
06. - Laj
07. - (unknown title)
08. - Treći čovek

Here is the download link:


  1. Fuck!, this is really great stuff. thanks for this awesome post. nice vocals.


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