Thursday, August 12, 2010

SKÖL - UZMI I REŽI (EP) (1991.)

This the last release of high energy punk band Sköl from Zagreb (Croatia), that was released in 1991. for "Slušaj Najglasnije" ("Listen Loudest") underground label. "Uzmi i reži" ("Take and cut") is awesome sequel of "Čista perverzija" ("Pure perversion") record, released in 1990., with four awesome hardcore punk songs, including great song called "Kuća Gori" ("House is burning"), with repetitive lyrics, that are saying, translated in English:"House - is burning - House - there is no one - to extinguish it!" I used to listen this song on repeat for all night long, hahahhaah. Anyway, here is the track list and, of course, download link.

Track list:
01. - Daj, Daj
02. - Krik
03. - Kuća Gori
04. - Oni Odlaze

Here is the download link:


  1. Kuća Gori is a earwig, after Kuća Gori to me he sings "ich geh mit meinem Hund Gassi (i go out with my dog) hahaha....nice tune Njec.

  2. hahahaha, funny misheard lyrics :D


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