Thursday, October 7, 2010

VA - Kof! kOF! kompilacija vol. 1 (2010.)

Okay... This is a compilation CD, with various artists from all over the world and with many types of punk music, that I had published together with second number of my fanzine Kof!kOF! (on Croatian language is written), in an edition of 50 pieces. No, I didn't ask anyone for permission to put them on the compilation and trust me - I didn't earned any money - I only lost money, but I don't regret it, in fact, I am very glad that I invested my money in this, because seeing happiness on people faces was and still is - priceless. Anyway - here is the track list in picture (that weights 152.83 KB), because I am at this moment, too lazy to type it here. Cheers everyone!

Track list (below track list is a download link):

Here is the download link:

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