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Urban Phobia was chaos-street punk from Zagreb, Croatia, that was active from beginning of 2004 year, to the end of 2005. In the beginning band was called Mohikan 82, but after the singer and lyric writer called Taliban, came into the band, Mohikan 82 was renamed in Urban Phobia. They have recorded 2 demos, first was much rawer than this second one that I am bringing to you today. I will also later upload their first demo, when their guitar player send me it. This demo - Dying Generation is in better quality, but it is still raw as fuck! Imagine mix of earliest version of Antidote (Netherlands) sound, mixed with even more extremely nihilistic and street punk view of this life and world. Because they were at that time really living their lives like it is described on this demo, this recording is full of honest youth anger and reactions against this apathy and decay of today. It is interesting fact, that they have recorded this demo in studio Kozmo in 14 hours of total effective time, during the few days, because they won in some band contest, that was happening in famous club Močvara in Zagreb, at that time. Band split-up, after few concerts and after less than 2 years, because everyone of them had very big problems in life at that time, so they just went apart. Later their singer and guitar players formed band called Emetophilia. Their second guitarist, Toni Plutonij, told me that he thinks that everyone of them, changed very much after they went apart. Anyway - here is their only live video footage, from their concert in Močvara - .

Track list:
1. Chernobyl Intro
2. Chaos in the City
3. Way of Life
4. Chernobyl
5. Tomorrow
6. Rebellious Clown
7. We Hate You All
8. Oi! Oi! Youth
9. Proud To Be Punk
10. N.T.C. (New Terrorist Conspiracy)
11. Ghetto
12. On Your Back
13. Andrei Chikatilo
14. Punx '82
15. The End

And here is the download link, of course:

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