Saturday, October 23, 2010

TRN U OKU - vozim svoju trku... (2009.)

The band was formed in 1995., in Zadar (Croatia) and it was first called "Kapula" ("Onions"). Just after the first gig the line up has been changed and at the beginning of 1996. the band also changed its name to "Trn u oku" ("Thorn in the eye"). In the following 3 years the band recorded 2 demos and one studio recording (unsigned), played about 30 gigs and gained many followers all around Croatia. Then, for no particular reason, the band stopped working, but there was always a great wish to play one last show and say goodbye to all of their fans. Fortunately, in 2005. the band realized that they have a lot more left to say, they joined up again and started rehearsing and making new songs. On November 17th, 2007. they played a show in Zadar, the first after 8 years, and it was a total blast, as they said. It was the beginning of the new era of "Trn u oku", what means that band is still active now. Today, I am bringing you their latest release, that was in year 2009, named - "vozim svojim trku..."("I ride my race" (in "racing" context is meaning)), on which are four awesome punk songs full of energy of life!

Track list:
1. ZBRKA (confusion)
2. SUZA (tear)
3. ZAKON ULICE (street law)
4. DRŽ' NE DAJ (hold, do not give)

Here is a download link:

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