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If you are type of human or extraterrestrial that is only interested in HI-FI production music, than you can go away from this post. Why? Because today, we are talking about band called Anti-Talents that is coming from Požega, Croatia. What is their story? Okay, I am gonna translate, what they did wrote inside booklet, that is of course also included inside download link. It says something like this:

Band was formed as a project in year 2000, when they was playing in line-up: Mata, Kara, Galić & Papak under the name 'Without Talents'. Later, Mata left the band and formed Anti-Talents, where were playing Mata, Boki, Darac & Totar. Then they had a couple of concerts and recorded first demo (that is not published). After the Totar left the band, Karača came instead. Then they had a couple of concerts in Požega & Gradiška and recorded few cassettes and than decided to publish this noise.

This band was formed when they were only about 13 or 14 years old. In A side of cassette you can hear their first phase of band when nobody of them really didn't know how to play and also "squeaky" bass pedal on drums, and bass guitar completely out of tune - but - for some reason, to me - this sound so fucking awesome! Even the recordings are made in 21st century, songs on A side are so full of that nihilistic '77 spirit. From this recording, you can really hear that they really don't give a damn thing about properly playing and that they only wanna express what is in their heads - and have fun at the same time of course. To me, most interesting song from that A side is song called - "963-R". The song is about undercover police patrol car, that was roaming on the streets of Požega, and hunting for everyone that looked suspicious - and that "963-R" are the last letters and digits from their registration plate. :D These are the lyrics of that song and my sloppy translation into English language:

tip je iz auta izašo (the guy went outside of car)
izgledao je jako sumnjivo (he looked very suspicious)
na uglu ulice je šetao (on the corner of the street, he was walking)
i nešto je promatrao (and had something observing)

neki klinac je potrčo (some kid, started running)
on je za njim krenuo (he started to follow him)
klinac se potepo (kid fell of)
963-r ga je pokupio (963-R picked him)

963-r voza se po gradu (963-R is driving around town)
najružniji auto u gradu (the ugliest car in the town)
svi su te skužili (everybody now know you)
možeš odjebati (you can fuck off)

The second thing about that song that is interesting to me, is that one night police officers from other undercover patrol car in Požega while they were searching 'suspicious stuff' in their pockets and that they have found the lyrics of that songs. Cop asked Mata (vox/guitar) something in style (and on Croatian of course):"Ok... What is this crap?" and Mata answered:"Song lyrics... You know - like words." :D Cop was absolutely shocked. HAhahahahahhaha :D And remember - they were only 13 or 14 years old. Because of all that, I think that this song is definitely one of the best songs in punk music history about police. Anyway, on B side of the tape is their second phase, where are still mostly same songs, but in much more hardcore/'crusty' versions. Maybe you will like it more than on A side of tape, but I personally prefer A side. My opinion - who cares anyway. ;) Other facts on this tape are that on all songs from A side and on first ten songs on B side is Dario/Darac (he is in Abergaz playing now-days (yeah, world is little place)) is playing drums and on other songs was playing drums, the guy called - Neno. Other interesting fact is, that all songs were recorded on cheap tape-recorder in their rehearsal room, and also that their song 'On radi' ('He is working') was covered by Mata's today's band where he is playing - that is called - Nonsense. For their release click here. Complete tape booklet and 'how-the-tape-looks' pictures, are included inside of download package. Many thanks to Mata for borrowing this VERY RARE tape to me! Cheers and beers everyone - download link is below as usual! Cheers!

Here is the download link:

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  1. Very nice find here. Reminds me of punk compilations from the lates 70s(right when punk was starting up)

    I agree, the A side is pure energy


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