Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rolling Suicide - Loosing Yourself (2006.)

Rolling Suicide was hardcore metal/punk band with elements of nu-metal, that was active from 2004, 'until (their) dawn' in 2008. Band was formed by 4 young teenagers when they were only about 14 years old, and at first, they were playing covers from Black Sabbath, Blink 182, etc., and later, because of their big interest in metal music, they started to play some their combination of everything that they liked, that can be described something as - music is combination of early NYHC, than Black Sabbath, Korn and skate punk, with dark poet lyrics and very clear vocals by their front-man Kova. If you consider that they were only about 16 years old when they recorded this demo, you'll hear that their playing is like they were playing for very longer time, than 2 years, as they were playing back than. The band after they released this demo in November 2006., had a couple of gig's in Zagreb and one in Osijek (Croatia), under the name Hidden Theory and later, after that, they kicked Dragec from the band in early 2008., because he was too messy to continue to work with band at that time, and instead of Suma (their former rhythm guitarist) that also went out at that time) and Dragec -came Karuro and Daroo from Abergaz (to play also in that band), and then on vocals came Darko Latinović - Darac, and than they were playing in shortly-lived band, under the name 'Until the dawn' and recorded single, again in ZG-Zvuk studio in Zagreb, that was called Betrayed, and that is still availble to listen here - http://www.myspace.com/untilthedawn - but after all that, Karuro and Daroo left the band, and everything went 'to dawn' with that project and that story is on hiatus since 2009. What I am bringing you today, is their only release, that they had released ever and under the name Rolling Suicide. Interesting thing about this CD, beside that, that I found it again after many years, this night accidentally on my shelf, while I was searching for some old cartoons on VHS, to heal my insomnia (nevermind...) - is that on this CD, I had to 'roll down' the DIY sticker on it, so that can my DVD-reader on my PC can actually - roll and read this CD, because how sticker is now old and warped - it was getting stuck in DVD-reader, when it tried to roll it. Of course that I got everything photographed with my mobile phone and that pictures are inside download package, together with songs and everything else. :) Anyway, when they recorded this demo in ZG-Zvuk (Zagreb), they were in this, original, line-up:

Marko Kovačević (Kova) -Lead Guitar & Vocals
Marko Sumrak (Soom) -Rhythm Guitar
Danijel Antolović (Danchy) - Bass Guitar
Mario Dragičević (Dragec) - Drums

Yeah, one more thing. On CD cover is accidentally (I think) misspelled word 'Loosing' - just to notice that. Download link, and track list, as usual - is below. This stuff is very rare, so feel free to 'spread the word', if you like it. Cheers and beers!!

Track list:
1. - Loosing Myself
2. - Dis-function In Function (D.I.F.)
3. - Heroine (It is not about drugs, it's about female-hero)
4. - Where am I
5. - Bullets

Here is the download link:

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