Friday, December 24, 2010


Okay, today is Christmas Eve and now I am gonna write about these two pop-punk bands from Zagreb, Croatia, that published together two Christmas singles. Don't worry, here are not any religious bullshits. ;) Mašinko (Eng. - Machinky) & Fraktura Mozga (Eng. - Fractures of the Brain) recorded and made this CD only few days before Christmas, and even the songs are full of Christmas spirit, they are not the ones that you can hear on the radio now-days. Song from band Mašinko is named (translated) 'Merry Christmas (it will be better)' and in this song they are basically trying to encourage people in their own way to not give up in trying to achieve love and happiness, but song from band Fraktura Mozga called (translated) "It is Christmas..." is hilarious. :) I mean, when the first sentence of the song is (translated):"It is Christmas, fuck you and your greeting cards", than you know that something funny is inside. :D In this song they are saying to (imaginary or real?) girl to fuck off because she left him because she found someone else. And later on song 'he' is describing how the time is passing by, and that he feels so miserably that he can't even delete her from Facebook (LOL :D), and even that he already bought present to her, that he will not give it to her, because he wishes all the misery that she gave him. Interesting theme for Christmas single. :) Anyway, inside download package, are also pictures of booklet and CD and of course - music. ;) Download link is below. Cheers and I wish you all the best!

Here is the download link:

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