Sunday, December 26, 2010

LJENA ĐUBRAD - S/T (2005.)

Ljena Đubrad (Eng. - Lazy Mucks) is punk rock band from Požega, Croatia, that Mata gather up in 2004. (i think) after his first band called Anti-Talents ceased to act. This band is mix of minimalistic punk-rock melodies, youth vocals and direct straight-forward lyrics. To me, their most interesting song lyrics are from their song called "Čovijek"(Eng. - "Human"). Even at this song music kinda sucks, at least to me, lyrics are pretty interesting. This is the rough translation to English language of that lyrics:

What does mean to be humane?/ Humane doesn't mean to be good/ Humane means to be human/ And human is biggest evil/ Wars, murdering/ Suffering, greed/ Hatred, condemning/ that are the marks of human/ Look around yourself/ Everything is based on the interests/ He exploits and kills, if he need/ So that he can have a lot of money

Even I don't agree with using of word 'humane', because I am aware that it means doing something for better living of mankind, I found this point of view very interesting. Anyway, track-list and download link is below. Whole booklet and cd pictures are also included inside. Thanks to Dundo and Mata for forwarding the CD! Cheers everyone!

Track list:
1. - Vojnička (Military song)
2. - Čovjek (Human)
3. - Boring
4. - Pank (Punk)
5. - Rebel
6. - Hate
7. - Ne (No!)

Here is the download link:

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