Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Deafness By Noise was established in early 1991. in Samobor, Croatia. Since then the band has played almost 300 shows around Europe as a headliners or supported the bands like Sick of it All, Mad Ball, Biohazard, Pro-pain, Merauder, D.R.I, Ratos de Porao, Inner Damn , Shutdown NYC, Kill your idols, 25 ta life, Misconduct, Commin Correct, Violent Society, Discipline, Brightside, Ensign etc.etc… Today I am bringing you their latest album called Aim to Please (Thanks Fotelja for forwarding!).

Track list:
01. - Lazy Bums
02. - The Burden
03. - Plastic
04. - Aim 2 Please
05. - InSaNe
06. - GFY
07. - PC
08. - True Love
09. - Allegiance
10. - Holding On

Here is the download link:

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