Monday, November 22, 2010


Diskurz is punk band from Rijeka, Croatia, that is active from 2006. Their style is to be more artistic and non-typical band that in this pseudo-reality come out like some more 'punk-ish Nirvana' or 'grunge-ish Sex Pistols' - at least on this album, I don't know how are they gonna sound on their next album, that they are currently recording. This album is released for major label, called 'Dallas Records' (for Europe), and couple of songs from this album are also released on 7-inch vinyl for label called Todo Destruido (for U.S.A.). How did they managed to get on the major label? Well, I heard a couple of stories, but most common is that they managed to get there, because one of them is actually a relative with Goran Lisica - Fox, or just good friend with him - and Fox is (I think) the main boss in 'Dallas Records'. Yes - they 'pulled their strings' and as I can read that on their interviews - they are definitely not hiding that. They are saying everyone to face, that they are 'sell-out pussies' and that they don't care about that and that they just want to express what they feel in the way that they feel while searching for some new edges in music and in life. Is that some real nihilism, or just 'journalism jerking' - to be honest - I, personally don't care, you find your own opinion if you want. Anyway - on this album they have a couple of songs, that I personally like very much (no, I am not gonna say what are they ;)), so, together with request in shout-box, that are the reasons why am I bringing you today this album. Download link is below. Cheers!

Here is the download link:

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