Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Lunachicks were an all-women punk rock band from New York City (USA). The band formed in 1987 and has been on hiatus since 2000. The band claimed influences including The Ramones, Kiss, and the MC5. Their music is, I will tell, riot grrrl in one of the most punkiest ways. I can hear spirit of the Runaways, mixed with angry riffs and VERY ALIVE drumming. Vocals from Theo Kogan are mostly very deep, but than again on some songs higher and always so-into-song, that you can really feel that she REALLY mean what she is singing - she is awesome singer! Anyway, I highly recommend to download and hear this band! Today I am bringing you one of my favorite albums from them.

Track list:
01. Yeah
02. Throwin' it away
03. The Day Squid's Gerbil Died
04. Dear Dotti
05. Mr. Lady
06. Spork
07. What's Left
08. Gone Kissin
09. Don't Want You
10. The Baby
11. @#% (PMS song!)
12. Wing Chun
13. MMM Donuts
14. Missed It

Here is the download link:

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  1. The CD pressing of Lunachicks' Pretty Ugly album might be HDCD encoded since the HDCD indicator in my DAC lights up even though the liner notes of the CD doesn't say that its HDCD encoded.


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