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Mikrofonija (I think that right translation on English is - "Echo") is cult melodic hardcore punk band from Zagreb, Croatia, that was formed at the beginning of 1995. They had recorded first album named “Mikrofonija” in August of 1998. Some members were changed from start till the end, and there were few breaks in bend activities linked to that changes. Between two albums, in year 2000 tape “LAJV” (Eng. trans. :"LIVE") appeared with records from some live acts as a precursor of second studio album. At the end of year 2002, second album was recorded, named “Svoga tijela gospodar” ("Master of own body"). After that, they had some concerts and than break again, which lasted for about a year. After that, new bass player (Darac) came at the beginning of 2005 and line up was: Antun Krajinović Tuna - Guitar, vocals; Plajo - Drums, backvocals; Darac - Bass. The band was active until the sudden death of Tuna, which occurred on the morning of 16th August 2009, due to congenital heart defects. He died when he was only 31 years old. His close friends and band-mates are organizing every year concert in honor of him and his big contribution to punk scene in Zagreb, Croatia, and even further. This year was second concert in honor to him and many people visited it again... Today, I am bringing you their rehearsal (and one live) recordings that they made in year 2007. Here are 3 songs that they recorded in demo quality as a precursor for their new album, that will never be done, because Tuna is gone from this dimension. :(( But - his music makes him alive in this dimension forever - right? I think that it is. I also think that he is definitely making more great music in some other dimension, that we at this time are not aware of it's existence. Here is track list:

Track list:
1. Istina (Truth)
2. Hit
3. Odavno (Long ago)
4. Odavno (live version from their Sarajevo (BiH) concert)

Here is the download link:

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