Sunday, November 21, 2010

NO ARMY - DEMO (2010.)

No Army is a punk band from Opatija, Croatia, that is active from 2008. Their attitude says that biography is for assholes, so I am not gonna write about their past shows or existence, but I must say that we (Abergaz) have played together with them on one show in Opatija and got very drunk together after the show to long time in night. That was funny evening. :) Anyway, they are playing punk rock without any bullshit, with very straight-forward lyrics. Themes of songs are from Facebook parasites, to calling for direct action for change. I read on one other blog that this demo is under the influence of Bojan, the singer and guitar player from major label punk band, called, Diskurz. I honestly don't know what they wanted to say with that, but I don't give a shit about that anyway... So, under is track list and download link, as usual. ;) Cheers!

Track list:
1. Ujedinjena mafija (United mafia)
2. Pobuna dolazi (Rebellion is coming)
3. Paraziti s fejsbuka (Facebook parasites)
4. Ponos (Pride)
5. Aktiviraj se (Activate yourself)
6. Nikad (Never)

Here is the download link:

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